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September 02, 2009


Good for you - reading comments from all sides of the issue. I try to do so, if only to find out what the opposition is up to and counter it. I'll be the first to admit that I rarely change my mind, though. ;-)

I have never liked Cal Thomas's editorials because I disagree with him, but, like you, this time he is 'right on.'

One of the things that made Ted Kennedy great was that he could rant against a policy and then put his arm around the instigator of that policy. He never made it personal and we shouldn't either.

Beyond that, what is to be gained by reviling someone who is dead? I can understand studying what choices Kennedy made politically, because it's been said that he who chooses not to study history is doomed to repeat it, but tearing apart the person is an exercise in futility.

I like Darlene's point that Kennedy never made a disagreement on policy personal, and we shouldn't either!

Well I'm from the left (well kind of) and only barely stopped myself from writing my opinion on the adoration expressed so many places for all the good that Ted Kennedy did. Well I held off for awhile but a blog is coming next week that will go after the Democrats and he is one example I am using (Republicans first, media next and then Democrats). I think it's fair to find fault with what they did in office when it impacts policy decisions still to be made (Reagan's policies being one example) but try to restrain myself also from what they do in their private lives-- unless they are hypocrites who use that private life to sell their policies.

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