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July 22, 2009


That is so pretty! I love lilac, and the shape of the blooms reminds me of lilac, tho not the color, of course. I wonder if it would grow here.

Those are real beauties! It would be nice if they would survive here, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't.

Hattie--Surely, they would grow and blossom in Hawaii; but, I'm not sure about the Pacific Northwest. They are pretty. The blossoms shower down like pink and white snow (the white doesn't show in the above photos, but do in the photo of one of the linked pieces) when they are spent (and the florets don't last all that long), being replaced by berries that some birds love. In addition, the blossoms draw bugs which draw birds. I saw a blue-gray gnatcatcher on one of the bushes, yesterday.

Bogie--You'll have to wait for global warming to make more inroads in your area if you wish to grow crape myrtle. Seventy years ago they couldn't be expected to live in Kansas City OR Wichita. Mom was very surprised when she got one to live; but, she had planted it next to the brick chimney which absorbed the morning sunlight and radiated it (and the heat from the inside of the house, itself) when the temperatures dropped.

I have three small crape myrtle bushes in front of my small wall in front of my house. Two are lavender and one is pink. Two thrive, but the smallest one struggles to stay alive year after year. I cut them way back in October and they never get as large as yours.

I love the blossoms and they bloom all summer here.

"You'll have to wait for global warming to make more inroads"

I'm waiting for any inroads at all - like could we get some temps that are somewhere even close to as warm as the normal average!

CC...all I can say is that these are just gorgeous. I just love them. They remind me of lilacs too....one of my favorites. I just had a tree cut down in front of my house, and I'll probably have a lilac bush or two planted in it's place. Maybe I should look into these crape myrtles....they are so lovely. Thanks CC, you've given me another idea.

Darlene--It would probably better for our bushes to be cut back in the fall; but, that deprives the birds of the berries. Perhaps I'll start rotating this year (been thinking about it): cut back the cherry bushes this fall, cut back the chokeberry bushes in back next fall, cut back the chokeberry bushes the fall after that, and (finally) the crape myrtle. Hmmm...I see that I missed the leather leaf viburnum; but, on that bush I cut the tallest shoots back each fall (it is above the house eaves, at that!) BTW: Our crape myrtles bloom over an extended time but each florette drops in a short while.

You should post a photo of your crape myrtles (or...is it a case of my having missed or forgotten having seen your photos?)

Bogie--You make me wonder. What is the standard deviation of high/low/average temperatures for NH? (I know - I should go look it up, myself!)

Joy--Came over to your place before I left town the other day (got back last night); but, my system was being cranky and I didn't have time to fight it (I was waiting for the gym/pool to open so that I could get in my exercise before leaving town.) Thanks for coming by. Yes, I love lilacs, too, and planted a couple of sticks in the back yard a year or two ago. Not much growth, yet; but, they should start taking off, next year. Good luck if you decide to try the crape myrtles.

My cousin has a huge crepe myrtle in her yard, as I discovered today, so obviously it not only grows but thrives here in Hawaii!


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