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July 07, 2009


I love toads and frogs - but caterpillars? Not so much until they become butterflies!

Kenju--But, the caterpillar is a necessary forerunner of the beautiful butterfly, and I don't find the caterpillars to be bad looking!

BTW: I had inserted the wrong link to see Cutie - it was the link to the edit version. It has been fixed.

Good photos. I think Toadie is so ugly he's cute.

The caterpillars must play havoc with your garden. I don't think I would like that.

Darlene--The black swallowtail caterpillar is very plant specific. The only thing it eats in my garden is the dill which, most years, I don't grow. (What's a little dill among friends? I have heard that they also dine on fennel, which I planted this spring but which is burried under weeds! ; ) We also share our fruit which the birds like to eat; although, next year I plan to put netting on our north star cherry tree. (We got not a single cherry this year. The robins stripped the tree!) We do more begrudge the fruit than the dill - especially when that fruit is from the strawberry patch!

I agree about the ugly/cute. A lot of critters fit that bill.

I love the toads! We also have toads, and scare them up in several of the gardens.

Caterpillars are okay. I let milkweed grow so that monarch caterpillars have something to eat (they are plant specific too).

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