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June 27, 2009


Those temps are no fun without air conditioning - especially when you don't sweat (as I believe you have mentioned before). Glad that a tech was able to correct it fairly quickly!

Basements are really great for staying cool. That is one of the reason our bedroom is downstairs.

I was just thankful not to be back in 1980 when we had 20 straight days of 100+ temperature highs. As you'll recall, neither my house nor my car was air conditioned. You do recall correctly that the amount of perspiration that I put out is negligible. My scalp and face, on the other hand, ooze oil. Too bad I can't scavenge it for the gas tank. lol

I suppose we are due for a change, but we have only had a few days of over 100* temps. That's most unusual and I am not complaining. With our low humidity I am able to keep my thermostat at 81* and I use ceiling fans in the rooms I'm in. I have only had to use the bedroom fan one night because it normally cools off at night.

Our Monsoons are due to start soon and then we will have humidity. That is the only time I mind the heat. Outsiders laugh and make fun of Arizona's hot summers when you mention dry heat by saying "So's an oven" but I have never suffered from heat more than in Massachusetts when the temperature was in the 90's and the humidity was close to that.

I know what you mean with the oil production - I could definitely run at least one vehicle if I could only figure out how to process it!

Darlene--Good luck with the Monsoons. I don't envy your having the prospect.

I have commented, elsewhere, on how in July 1980 our area edured 20 straight days of 100+ high temperatures at a time when neither my home nor car was air conditioned. At that, I endured it better than being pregnant 20 years earlier, with no air conditioner in home or car. We moved into our first air conditioned house in 1967. What a relief that was.

Bogie--That's another thing for which you may blame your maternal genes!

Your week in the cellar reminded me of my childhood in Mtn. Grove and Flat River MO. Missouri building codes mandate a storm cellar or basement, as I expect Kansas does, to provide some safety from tornadoes. We've had record heat in Austin, 105 F one day and 100+ for a stretch. Glad you "weathered" the week.

I save all my basement cleaning for those days in the 90s! If you could see my basement right now, you'd know that we have had an unusually cool spring! lol

I'm so glad that you weathered the heat, and that your heat pump is working once again. Good news all around!

Claudia--Welcome. There are probably few governing units in Kansas that have codes requiring a storm cellar or basement safe room, although some (many? - this would include Greensburg) now require schools to have them. I feel for you and your heat. As I recall, Austin has high humidity which means the heat really hurts.

Buffy--Hmmm...maybe I should have checked out your basement while there. Really, I say "nuts" to anyone who thinks they must inspect another family's basement. That is just beyond the pale.

Thanks for stopping in and good luck on the rest of your summer's gardening. You may be surprised to learn that I am actually using some of the dill that I planted, this year. It is yummy. My rosemary died and I just haven't used either kind of basil, yet. Cilantro, I've used - a lot!

Hi CC...just checking in on you. I hope your heat and humidity problems have subsided and you have been comfortible...even outside of your basement. I hope you had a nice 4th of July...however you spent it. Just getting back into the swing of things after my daughter and her family left early on Sunday...catching up. Hope you are well sweetie...Love, Joy

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