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April 04, 2009


19 years old? Was that a typo? They look healthy and happy.

Janeywan - I can assure you that those cats are plenty old. Cats routinely hit anywhere from 15 years to 22 years old.

Cop Car - nice photo of the enchroaching storm. Glad the snow and ice that did hit didn't stay for very long!

What lucky cats and such good health. You have much to be proud of in your care of them. Hope by now, Spring is in the air.

Janeywan & Bogie--As Bogie says, that is not a typo. Wonderful GrandDaughter and I picked two cats from among those at the Humane Society in the spring of 1991. At the time, when I took them in for spaying, the vet estimated that Cop Car was 9-12 months old and that Jellicle (Jelly) was about 3 months younger.

Maria--Thanks, but the cats have received mostly benign neglect from me. They get let out/in, they get fed/watered, they get relatively clean litter boxes, and they see a vet annually. Only in the last year or two have they been groomed, daily.

We've had a lovely day, today--not very warm because of the wind, but partly sunny to full sun. Tonight, we're to have (another) hard freeze. This is our unsettled weather time of year! I stayed home with a sore throat (that started, yesterday) so as not to share the germies.

Your desert is gorgeous--especially when it is in bloom. Thanks for posting the beautiful photo of the blooms!

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