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April 18, 2009


Excellent. I have yet to post my fun and games, but I will. With luck, you can give them the thumbs up when they call back. Happy surfing.

Glad your computer is acting the way it should - hope it keeps up that way.

As for being an Engineering snob - I think we all have our snobbishnesses - each in their own area of expertise. It usually doesn't bother me as long as the person isn't a continual snob on many different levels - which you aren't, so don't think you should worry about it.

I understand why you should be proud of being comfortable diving into the innards of a computer, while astonished that the computer company will recognize that some people can actually do stuff themselves.

WD--We've been waiting for your story. Thanks.

Bogie--Thank you for your kind words. My ill-chosen words had implied that those who were not comfortable diving in weren't quite up to snuff. As you say, each of us has our own thing(s). The comments were from folks who definitely are superior to you and me (well...at least, to me) in other ways. In fact, as I recall, Darlene left a comment that dropped the little nugget of information that she had installed additional memory in her machine!

BTW: Not one person was gauche enough to call me names or to take me to task for what I had written. What they wrote was very gentle; but, I caught the whiff of my own snobbery. They were wonderful in doing me the favor! Thank you, folks.

I didn't take offense and (or did I?) I'm seriously non-techy. I am a maintenace freak, however, and I do all I can to keep things running smoothly.

Kay--Hmmm...now I'm seriously scratching my head because I believe that you are the one who said she had added memory to her machine. Would you please install a few chips in my head?!

Enjoyed your story! I'm so disappointed I didn't get to read your piece before you took out the offensive tech snobby bit so I could be offended and write you a comment about it. Oh well, maybe another time.

Maybe in another life I'll get into electronics as a couple years or so ago my niece (works main frames for IBM) took my CPU unit apart to install an item for me. I thought it all looked surprisingly simple, but pros always make it look that way. She says the PCs are quite a different animal from what she works on and typically goes to her good friend if issues with her PC.

I remember spending a lonnnggg time on the phone with successive guys in India a year or so ago -- Ian was one of them. Maybe they just trade those English names around for whoever happens to on shift and it wasn't the same guy.

Joared--Oh, PCs are so simple inside these days compared to what they were 25 years ago, and main frames are a whole 'nuther animal. All are fun to poke about, though.

I've always suspected that, just as we use screen names, the IT folks with whom we communicate use work names. HP, to their credit, show a photo of a visibly East Indian person on the website where one initiates IM sessions. I was surprised that the telephone people all spoke without detectable accent. It makes sense, though. In my dealings with audibly East Indian IT people on software issues, I spend most of my time having them repeat, spell out, or otherwise clarify to me what they are saying. I ask for enough clarification when I understand the words. It's horrible when I can't understand them.

All--So far, so good. When HP calls tomorrow night, they will be free to close out the service ticket. It appears to me that the issue was the wiring between the power switch and the motherboard!

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