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April 12, 2009


You didn't read it on mine -- I've been ignoring it in hopes it will go away. I've had bigger issues to kvetch about. Sighhhh. Mostly, I'm trying not to write about those except for my advice on identity theft.

I hope you feel better soon and that you have a nice Easter!!!!

Not a good way to enjoy the Spring. Hurry and get better. (no...HH did NOT ask me to say that.)

That sounds like a miserable way to feel period. Hope you are feeling better soon. I am not fond of cough syrups either as they usually make me feel worse or so I feel anyway.

Kay--It's too bad that a spring cold isn't the worst thing that happens to people. You have my sympathies--for what they are worth!

WD--So tell me...what did HH ask you to say?

Rain--Like you, I'm not big on "taking stuff". Until the news came out about aspirin's prophylactic effect on cardio-vascular health, I didn't even keep aspirin in my house. I couldn't tell you the last time I had taken cough syrup--50 or 60 years ago? Unlike me, HH keeps a well-stocked (over-)supply of OTC stuff. His dad was a pharmacist and HH spent one year in pharmacy school before transferring schools...into electrical engineering. I do try to follow my physician's advice, usually. We talk it over when I disagree or have concerns. Some times she wins me over...other times she allows as how it is my body and that it's up to me.

All--Thanks so much for stopping in, and for the well wishes. I'm feeling much better than yesterday, and oodles-and-gobs more better than the day before yesterday. "The sun'll come out to-morrow...." (It's been raining all day, today.)

Glad you are feeling better - sounds like it was nasty.

Well, I'm a little late to this party! I didn't know until now you had started a new blog after ending your old one. Furthermore, I see you did so long ago. I'll have to up date my link to this site.

I see you've had your share of computer glitches, too. Guess you have all under control now. Glad you're feeling better, also.

Oh CC I'm so sorry you've been feeling so lousy...and that it carried on for most of the week. I'm glad you are on the mend and things are looking better. Those spring colds can be the worst. Feel all better soon sweetie....thinking of you with much love. Hugs, Joy

I hope you continue to feel better. Colds can be so miserable. I think I would keep couch syrup on hand just like HH. The part I hate the worst havng a cold is the coughing that keeps you awake.

Joared--I am so sorry that I failed to get word to you about the newer blog. I recall sending out an email, but obviously failed to get you on distribution. Mea culpa.

"Under control" is an over statement. Today, for instance, deciding to use an external drive, that I had purchased a few years ago, as repository for backups, I set off a comedy of errors. The software for the drive was on a little mini-CDs, that isn't even round, which I foolishly inserted into my only CD drive--which, as I use my computer, is oriented vertically. You guessed it. The machine swallowed the disk which promptly fell out of the disk tray. After taking the cover off of the machine, I realized that the disk drive is a closed unit--that all I had to do was to put the machine on its side (which I'd had to do to remove the cover--and the mini-CD would fall back into the tray which I could then eject. For someone who doesn't get her kicks out of hands-on mechanics, that probably doesn't sound like a fun way to spend 15 minutes, but I had a blast just laughing at myself. Eventually, I found that the software didn't play well with VISTA (it didn't even want to let me uninstall the software, saying that it was "in use"). When I got the system to kill the darned program and the software uninstalled, I took the drive/cord/mini-CD package back to HH and told him I wanted to play "Baltimore/Apple Core". He'd never heard of it. I'm not sure that I hate anyone badly enough to inflict that drive on them.

Merrily, we roll along.

Bogie, Joy, and Darlene--You are so sweet to leave well wishes for me. A common cold is something that we can all empathize on, isn't it? Hanging around the blogosphere is like hanging around the coffee pot, at work (which I never did because the smell of coffee drives me nuts)--it's a wonderful social network. Thank you!

I hope you will soon be feeling well. I have had a bout with a sinus infection, and while there is no good time for it - spring and pollen season always make it worse.

Kenju--I felt well enough, today, that I put in a full day's work at the Red Cross offices. It would seem that your well wishes added to the others just pushed me over the top. Thanks! Sorry about your sinus infection bout. That couldn't have been much fun.

It took me a while to get over something I got in January in Seattle. My husband had it too. It affected our energy levels for weeks, both of us.
Hope you are all better soon.

Hattie--Yes, I recall your mentioning your bug and, especially this morning when my physical energy is sub-par, I understand the energy level issue. Thanks for the support and I'm glad you and your husband are over it!

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