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April 27, 2009


my computer crashed when I tried commenting yesterday and I doubt that my comment came through. I hope I can publish this before it quits operating again.

I would not be able to sleep if I had rising waters near my property. Has the water ever reached your house? I am glad it receded this time.

Darlene--Coping with the worry of rising waters is the price one pays for choosing to live on a creek. Our previous home was similarly situated on a lot only half as deep as this one, and the house sat lower. During our worst flooding, there, I carried our two daughters through knee-deep water (my knees, not theirs!) that surrounded the house, to get them to a neighbor's home that sat higher--at midnight, no less. After the creek was "cleaned out", it no longer rose as high; but several times, even then, the flood waters reached within 30 feet of the house. This was over a period of 31 years.

This house hasn't come close to that, in the 10 years we've been here. The point of nearest approach of water is at least 75 feet from the house and the water would have to rise another 5 feet, vertically, to reach the house. Our sump pump works overtime, sometimes; but, we are pretty calm about the whole thing. We know what we would grab if we had to get out, and our tax papers are kept well above floor level!

Yikes...you have a virtual lake out there. Thank God it hasn't come near your house! Your sump pump must have a migraine. However, knowing you and how well organized you are...I have no fear that you aren't on top of it all. I, on the other hand, would probably be running around in circles wringing my hands. ~Joy

Joy--Thanks for the laugh (about the migraine!) Please take into account that I did my running around in circles in 1969, during our first flooding event at our previous home! We are old hands at this, now. Thank you for dropping by. I always enjoy your visit (and reading your blog!)

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