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April 04, 2009


Mine should be that neat - but isn't!

Nothing wrong with taking advantage of any storage space available - regardless if it is conventional or not.

My goodness, even a pretty runner on your desk! I would hate to take a picture of my mess. My glasses are wherever I last took them off and I can never find them again. I have started wearing them on my head so I can find them to see when I watch TV.

Kenju--So should mine be; but, 99.9% of the time is not.


Darlene--The yellow huck towling runner with pink Swedish emroidery, that had been in use for a few months, was removed due to a Diet Dr Pepper spill (clutz--who me?) Wish I knew the origin of the white runner. It was just the only thing that I could find in our linen closet that filled the bill at the time. Whether it is from Hunky Husband's family, from my mother, or from my paternal grandmother, I'll never know. That is the one area in which my memory has betrayed me in the last several years. I no longer recall from whence things came.

As to your glasses, I envy you for only needing them when you watch TV. I have six pair of glasses stashed about: 1) computer glasses, 1 in the brief bag that I take to the office and 1 in the photo, 2) reading glasses on the table beside my reading chair, 3) and variable distance glasses, 2 that I change-off for daily wear and 1 that I keep in the kitchen with the binoculars for birdwatching. I see best with the 20+year-old pair that's in the kitchen, but they are too large and heavy to wear all of the time (not to mention being hopelessly out-of-date, style-wise!)

You are so organized CC...you put my desk to shame. I like where you have your glasses...cool. My desk has little tchotchkes, notes and pictures all over the place. It would probably drive you nuts. Actually, it's pretty organized too. I like your work space...it's very much YOU!

Have a great weekend coming up sweetie... Hugs, Joy

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