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March 22, 2009


Wow!!!! What an adventure!!!

Children are adaptable, but it must have been hard on your Mom. I guess your home was the forerunner of a motor home.

I envy you those pictures. I clearly remember the first house I lived in, but other than a picture of four of us kids surrounding Dad on the front steps, I don't believe there are any photos left.

Dear Husband's parents moved from Chicago to the suburbs when he was young, to a house with no running water, and a privvy out by the chicken house. He added plumbing many years later. I've always assumed that having had to do without as a kid was part of the reason he so enjoys his showers now.

I have photos in our family book that are almost exactly like these. We could be related! LOL

Kay & Darlene--Yes, kids are adaptable and Elder Brother and I counted it as an adventure (for all we knew, we would be living in that truck for the rest of our lives.) I don't know about EB, but I hated the whole stinkin' state of Texas, at the time--hot, dirty (dusty), prickly (cactus), and we seemed to always be ill. Two good things I remember of that time: 1) wandering over the desert looking for sticks and discarded nails with which to build airplanes and 2) a neighbor in one of the trailer courts painting my fingernails--only after I quit biting them! The people we met were wonderful!

Buffy & Kenju--It can be fun to go back through old photos. (I've still not sorted through my parents' collection, nor HH's parents' collection!)

Too, living without makes one appreciate living with! My dad did the electrical wiring of my grandmother's house just a year or two before I was born. Most of the lighting was provided by bare bulbs hanging from cloth-insulated wiring; but, Grandma Hall also had an electrical radio, refrigerator, and washing machine! That Tulsa house was, of course, the first with indoor plumbing and running water that either of my parents had ever lived in.

Times continued to be tough until well after the war, and very few people had much, by today's standards. But we kids had a lot of freedom to roam around unsupervised. Kids don't have their own kid lives any more. The distance between parents and children has diminished quite a lot.
Loved these pictures.

Hattie--Glad you liked the photos. Yes, I hate to see today's children having their lives scheduled so tightly. I lament that they have no childhood, as we knew it.

You and I had to accept so much responsibility at an early age that it was well we got to experience our childhood, too. Gawd, I hated washing my younger brother's diapers! Next to that, I think that pulling weeds for neighbors (before I was old enough to start school) was my least favored, paying job. But, the nickels counted, didn't they? And we all knew someone who was much worse off than we were. *laughing*

A couple of years after the diaper washing, that Younger Brother brightened my day by running up our dirt road with arms open wide to greet my return from school each afternoon.

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