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February 07, 2009


On my gosh that is lovely. Glad you joined in on this meme. How lucky is it that this was your 4 x 4.

I can see why you wanted to print Fred's work for your home. It's a lovely shot, and you did a great job framing it.

Per your instructions, I went to Kevin's website. The first thing I clicked on was the "Feature Image" of the month. It was so cute (and funny) that I encourage everyone that did not go to Kevin's page, to do so now!

There are, fortunately, many good photographers out there (including you, Janeywan) who can provide gorgeous photos of our great outdoors and nature. Bogie and her dad (my Hunky Husband) are pretty fair amateur photogs, themselves.

I am, at best, mediocre. Artistry is beyond me; although...I will accept Buffy's kudos on the framing job, thank you. Usually, I can do a great job of picking out mattings and framings that complement the art work, if I do say so myself. So far, I've only had to have one "do over" in framing. The "do over" was expensive, but well worth the final product. Our local "framer" is wonderful to work with. She freely offers her advice/opinion, but recognizes that the customer pays the bill!

That photo looks like a water color painting. I love it and wish I had it hanging in my living room because it matches my color scheme.

I do want to say that is not the real reason why I would love to have it in my house. It's because I think it's beautiful.

Darlene--Feel free to bargain with Fred, yourself. I'm pleased to "advertise" his beautiful products. Or, tell our kids that when I die, you get the print! (They are both very sharing women.)

P.S. My mother would have loved the print. Her name was Violet.

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