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February 24, 2009


Simple minded soul that I am, I got a Dell that included good speakers and I kept my Samsung flat-screen monitor. We have cable and wi-fi. I use G Mail and Flikr, anything that's online and accessible from any computer. Like you, I don't print much out any more, and if I do, I can use my husband's printer. He has a complete home office with fax, scanner, the works. For travel, there is my little Avertec laptop, which just recently needed a new keyboard! That is also where I store e-book downloads and i-pod downloads. Terry has an automatic, password protected backup service, but that's excessive for me, and I just back up from time to time.
For me, what the computer can do is more important than what it is. I tend to use the most standard stuff and try to find the simplest ways of doing things.

Did you say that you replaced the keyboard on your laptop? Is this an external keyboard? If not, however was it replaced?

I hear you, Hattie. I, too, try to keep things simple. How well do I succeed? Not so much. So far, I have restored the software twice, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get clean installs on Norton 360, HP Digital Imaging Essentials, and the HP driver for the new little Deskjet F2210 that I picked up from Walmart for $24 a couple of days ago.

The little Deskjet is an All-in-One that handles fax, scan, and print. AFTER I bought the Deskjet (which connects via a USB 2.0 port), Hunky Husband told me that I could have bought a converter cord that would have allowed me to port it via the USB 2.0 port. Now he tells me! To be fair, I didn't mention my problem to him. (Besides, I'm betting that the cord would have been at least $20.) I will probably be just as happy having a printer to use with my old computer--down in my sewing room in the basement!

Oh, and I failed to mention that I still haven't hit upon a way to make the machine remember my email password. Sometimes it doesn't accept my login until I go into tools and reset the password. In addition, there is something wonky that, just now, is keeping me from sending emails. Webmail comes in handy at such times!

As I said, most everything about computers is over my head. Lucky I have a good technician always on call in the office next door!

Oh, the keyboard. Terry sent for a replacement and installed it. What a man!!!

Wow, what problems you are having! I meant to comment earlier that you could probably get a USB adapter to do your printing, although I am unsure what printers you have, so it might not have worked as I imagined.

I have found that since installing a wireless network, things are so easy. The desktop is the hub of the nework and is wired (it doesn't have wireless capability unless with USB adapter). The new printer is on the network wirelessly, so both laptops can access it (along with my desktop), the laptops and desktop can also talk to each other. I found out the other day (because I was curious, not because I had the need), that my IPaq can access the network too - pretty cool.

Congrats on your new computer CC. It's pretty cool. It's always exciting getting a new computer...the newness and all. My computer "wiz" is still somewhat available to me (my daughter's ex boyfriend), but I don't really call on him much. I just hope and pray that nothing goes wrong....so far....so good. I did replace my monitor a few months ago. I panic when something doesn't go right, but I also work with a woman who's pretty savvy about these things, and she's been great in a pinch. Good luck with everything CC. I think you know a lot more than I do about this stuff.

Bogie--I left a comment about being "with you" on wireless networking; but something didn't let it get posted. Who knows what?! The rest of my comments was that, "...but, you know how paranoid your dad is on security. He even locks doors!"

Joy--Well, it's nice to have new equipment, but it's always an aggravation getting everything set up the way one wants it. I am finding that Vista is not at all stable, as compared to XP. Not only have I had to restore the system twice; but, the computer has died and been difficult to resurrect on several occasions when I have clicked on a link in someone's blog posting or email. And...I still have to go to webmail to send emails.

Hattie & Joy--I'm laughing with you two because I think you are just being wise enough to get someone else to do the exasperating parts of computing.

I am totally at sea about what you are all writing. I'm still trying to figure out how to format my blog the way I want and not have to settle for blog spot to do it it's way.

As a non-techie, I'm confused but am glad you are up and running.

CC...you need to give it up and get a cable connection!

Dial-up downloading is down right painful.

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