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January 18, 2009


I did a similar one from the National Endowment for the Arts' Big Read program a while back. This looks like someone took it and added some rules.

We have a lot of books in common!!!

Why am I soooo not surprised? LOL

I have read many of the books on your list and could add many more, but my memory is failing me and I won't even try.

It's amazing how many really good books have been written.

Kay--There are several book-based meme's floating about, I'm sure. Some better than others. This one isn't bad...but...

Kay & Darlene--In my opinion, there are books on this listing that were not worth the time to read. For instance, Ulysses. Come to think of it, it probably should not be on the list because I don't believe that I finished it. I know that scholars have said otherwise, but I found the book to be ill written and without redeeming social value. (Hunky Husband bought it as one title in a "best books" series of 100. The series failed to impress me--especially when I noted that it included but one title by a woman, Jane Eyre.)

Cop Car, as usual, we have a lot in common. I come up short on books like Anna Karenina, Count of Monte Cristo, Ulysses, Madam Bovary, Heart of Darkness and The Little Prince. I most likely won't read those books, but of the others I had not read, I made a list to keep nearby as I order from Amazon. When my order is not quite enough to make the cut off for free shipping, I'll add one of the books. I'd rather spend my money on books than shipping any day!

As for lists, I can remember when the American Film Institute began airing their "100 Best...." series. Dear Husband and I watched the first one, which was 100 Best Films of the 20th century, and we had a lot of discussion as to what we would have left off the list, and what would have been moved up in place, or demoted. I'm sure that we all feel the same about these book lists. Frankie wondered who had chosen the books for this meme because the genres had been so oddly represented. I was delighted to see that some science fiction had been included.


The list of the books you have read while not identical to mine bears many similarities. Not sure I fancy reading Lolita - I understand it's an uncomfortable read but perhaps that's why I should try it. You've definitely read more Shakespear that me, I've read some but personally I much prefer listening to a great actor reading his works, whether a play or one of his sonnets. I find I get so much more out of the work and it's easier to concentrate on the beauty when you haven't got to read every word. Oh well, there speaks someone who never made it to college but left school at 16.

Looks pretty similar to my list. I add a lot of Germans, like Thomas Mann and Kafka.

Happy Edith Wharton's birthday!

Today? I didn't realise.

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