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January 29, 2009


What an ambitious project!!!

The summer after my freshman year in high school, my project was to read 100 books and I did. The next summer my goal was to read as many classics as I could and I read right around 100. By my Junior and Senior years I was working a lot to save for college so I hadn't as much time to read but read I did.

My worst fear is losing my eyesight because I wouldn't be able to read. Audio tapes don't get it for me.

Right now I'm slowly but surely organizing my personal library at The Library Thing.

I'm glad to know that you're a bibliophile, too.

Kay--That is a prodigious number of books to have read in such a short time. You put me to shame! Although I worked at the branch of the Kansas City (MO) Public Library that was housed in our high school building during my freshman and sophomore years; I skipped my junior year. Between the compression of my studies into less time, and (as you did) working to save money for college, the only way I had room to do my reading was to stay up past curfew, which I regularly did. In addition, while working at the library, they were kind enough to ask me to review some of the science books on the shelves to see if they were still up-to-date.

If you seriously fear for your eyesight, it might be time to begin learning Braille, if you've not already started.

My personal library is sparse. It has long been my policy to give away my own books, unless they are good references or have sentimental value from having been owned by prior generations of our family. I own not one book that I used during my undergraduate studies and only one or two from my years of graduate work. For other reading, most of my materials have come from one library or another, over the years.

You put me to shame! I read the Auer books about 5-6 years ago and loved every word!

My cholesterol finally responded to the generic version of Zocor, 40 mg. It was over 250 before!

Because I had to re-install Windows I lost all of my thousand scanned photos, my scanned CD's on Real Player and my Money records. I am slowly re-installing them, but the photos took 3 months before and I don't know how long I will be at this project.

Therefore, I don't have time to think about all the many books I have read in my 77 years of reading (I started reading at the age of six). I loved books from the minute I discovered them and was a voracious reader.

It sounds like a worthwhile project and I will check into your list for inspiration when I go to the library.

Darlene--It is really rough when you have to reinvent your electronic collections. I can empathize. I'm not sure how "inspiring" my lists will prove to be, but you are welcome to try for it!! Good luck in your reinventioning.

Kenju--Thanks for answering the question that I had asked at your blog!! Fifteen years ago, when my cholesterol went above 300, I started taking 20mg Mevacor, which immediately brought me down to 180. Then, when it came out, my physician switched me to Mevacor's generic, Lovastatin. A couple of years ago, I asked her to up my dosage to 40mg; but, by last October, my cholesterol was back up to 230. At that point, Dr S switched me to 40mg Simvastatin. Don't know whether it is better or not, now.

As to reading...there is always someone who puts each of us to shame, isn't there? Ahhh...we reads what we reads, as Popeye would put it.

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