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January 24, 2009


You're ex-Navy? My daughter was Navy, too, for eight years. She was an aviation technician/plane captain and left after 8 years as a PO2. A great source of pride came for me when she was at Norfolk and emailed me a link. I was delighted when I clicked it and it opened her sqaudron website and there was my baby girl in camo with her E2C-10 Hawkeye and the headline: Plane Captain of the Quarter! Was I proud? Damn right!!! No matter what they say, it's still not easy for a woman in the military. She said that having an obnoxious big brother helped a lot.

Kay--My obligation in the Reserves was only six years. Having started at age 42, I wasn't willing to bet that my health would allow me to get 20 good years in and did not re-enlist. Yes, I have found that growing up with brothers helped me develop a certain mind-set, a certain toughness, that is a great survival tool. I must say, though, that I always envied the other girls who were only children or who had sisters, only. They were always so sweet and nice--characteristics that I could not hope to assume!

Sweet? Nice? Yeah, I remember developing those traits from only having a sister.

Perhaps I wasn't giving proper credit for the influences of their mothers?

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