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January 10, 2009


It's a really good photo -- you look lovely!

You look a little bit like my adoptive mom. Her hair was lighter too, but with no red.

I love seeing the face behind the blog.

It's interesting how many don't post photo's of themselves, I understand not posting a lot of photo's of oneself, but for me it helps to keep everyone straight. Weird I know...thanks for sharing your beautiful self in photo, words and actions.

People always wonder where I get my youthful looks from - I picked really good genes!

Thanks, to all, for your supportive and complimentary comments. Our blogging community is populated by kind people. You are the best!

I tried to post yesterday but the darn thing didn't work. Probably my computer because I picked up a nasty Trojan that my virus protection gets rid of, but it returns to mess everything up.

Anyhow, it's okay today so I will comment on your photo. It is nice to see your smiling face - it makes you more real. I love the photo.

Darlene--Sorry about your computer problems. Obviously, you were included in the "you" of "You are the best!" Your perseverence is appreciated!

Your picture is just great! I understand janeywan's point of view, and would like to be braver about this subject, but I've broken every camera ever used to take my picture! :-(

I hope HH relaxes his stand on the subject because you are a handsome couple, and it would be fun to see his picture, too. Way to go, C.C.!

I always like seeing what the bloggers, who I regularly read, look like which is why I keep up a picture of myself even though I often don't like it and would prefer scenery. It's just nice to have a face to go with the words and yours is a very good face.

Buffy--Thank you. I think that HH is the handsome part! See below. I cannot believe that you've broken cameras--having seen you. I would love to see your high school graduation photo. Possible?

Rain--I really, really like what you said about my having a very good face. I've surely never been pretty or (since age 4) cute, but I like to think that I have a good face. Thank you! Your own photo lends an air of mystery to you.

Another "obviousness": Buffy and Rain are among the best, too!

It really does give an extra dimension to you to see your face at last.

Hattie--There must be only two dimensions to me...since everyone has always told me that I am square. Ooh...couldn't help myself. Thanks for coming by, Hattie. As you can tell by my reading list in the left hand sidebar, Blogs that I Engjoy, you are included in "the best!"

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