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December 21, 2008


You are so hard working! I really can't handle the cold any more. My knees and hips are starting to bother me, even here in Hawaii. All that baking sounds like fun, though.
We have my daughter & family here with us now, and they are living on tangerines from our neighbor's tree! It's nice to see my grandson with a little glow on his cheeks from being in the sun.

MM, MM, MM - I can smell the baking from here!

Hattie--How wonderful that your "kids" are there! That you think of baking in terms of "fun" is just plain sick. But, we all love the product! Today, to avoid agravating my knee (which was fine after a few hours of keeping off of it), I shall sit--finishing up an Afghan-sized quilt for Hunky Husband, that I started in October 2005. I'm within a few hours of having it finished!

BTW, Hattie, if you've not visited Bogie's blog (link in left hand sidebar), go see what a hard worker really does!

Bogie--I suspect that the aromas you detect up there, are left over from your own baking, at which you excel. Wish you were here to share!

I got tired reading this! LOL I am doing nothing special for Christmas as there will be just me. I'm going to the grocery tomorrow and buy some stuff from its excellent bakery as well as some food that I like.

A happy and a merry to you and yours!!!

Kay--I hope that you are comfortable, being alone. I'll be thinking of you as Hunky Husband and I go through a normal day, Thursday. We refuse to go out to eat on a day when the only choices are buffets with thousands of people in line. (Do you think that I may be exaggerating a wee bit?) We may have scrambled eggs or peanut butter sandwiches, but that is better than fighting crowds.
Sending a bunch of hugs, your way.

I've gotten used to it and in previous years when I did go to friends' homes, I felt worse because I miss my children. When I was dating The Man it was okay because his family was very welcoming. I think they liked me and were glad he had he had found someone nice. Obviously, he didn't agree and now neither do I.

I just do my best with what I have to work with -- I usually buy myself a gift or two but this year I didn't. My car got new shocks and struts instead.

Actually, I am not working over the Holidays. The possibility was there, but deadlines were missed to get us in over the break.

It will however, be busy when we get back. I'm guessing there might be a shot at overtime to get things back on track. Just have to wait and see.

Wichi Dude--Thanks for the update. It hardly makes sense to pay overtime under current economic conditions. Good luck!

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