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December 25, 2008


I love it!!! It's beautiful!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Kay--Thank you, thank you, and I hope your holidays are bright!

Afghans are so practical in winter. I knit and have made so many that I have lost count. I still have four in my house and use a favorite one each night.

Yours is lovely and I am sure you put a lot of hard work in it. HH can keep cozy in his recliner now.

Happy Holidays!

Darlene--You are ambitious, knitting Afghans! HH's late sister had knit some bed-sized coverlets in cream and green, giving one to HH and another to their father, whose coverlet HH inherited. I won't let HH use them for fear of ruining all of the beautiful work that she did in producing those--in cableknit patterns.

We have three Afghans that my late mother and I commissioned my aunt (Mother's sister, and the only living relative in that generation) to make using yarn to produce hairpin lace. The Afghan that HH used, daily, until now (and will probably continue to use in summer, when a lighter Afghan works better), is chocolate brown, orange, and beige. Mother had given it to HH for his birthday about 25 years ago.

The Afghans that I commissioned for myself are chocolate/taupe, and dark navy/mauve. They are beautiful, but a little light on warmth, being lacy. The quilt Afghan has three layers--the cotton prints, the inner batting (very thin), and a backing that is actually a flannel bedsheet of 90% cotton and 10% wool--like the sheets that HH uses on his bed, year round. It is toasty warm, HH says. It was a lot of work and it is so sweet of you and my other blog friends to notice!

I've knitted a few afghans for presents...but not lately CC. This is just beautiful....I really love it. HH is a very lucky guy....

Joy--I am so impressed with anyone's large knitting projects. Have you posted photos? (BTW: I've not been able to get anything but your header and left sidebar to download for the last couple or three weeks. I'm getting a new computer and hoping that it won't have an issue. I'm anxious to get back to reading your postings!)

The lap quilt looks absolutely perfect over HH! Aren't you proud of your accomplishment? You should be. A warm and snuggly Happy New Year to you both.

Since I can be very political and confrontational, I don't post specifics about my family or pictures of anyone but myself.
Anyway, I'll just have to imagine the hunkiness underneath that afghan!

Buffy--Since the Afghan's "known fault" is glaringly obvious in the photo, I'll take your "absolutely perfect" as a humanistic thought, rather than a quilt judgement. *smiling* Thank you!

Hattie--Our daughters and I are not nearly as touchy about posting photos as is my Hunky Husband...and...my Elder Brother makes HH look absolutely careless, he is so paranoid.

Yes, just imagine the most gorgeous hunk of man you ever saw, and you'll know what HH looks like! (I hope you can see my grin over the long distance that stretches between you and me.)

I call my husband HH because a young (female) Air Force lieutenant, with whom HH and I chatted on a flight between Albuquerque and Los Angeles in the mid-1980s, chided me for not spending more time with "that hunk". I was returning to work in Los Angeles (from my home in Albuquerque) and HH was returning (taking the long route--he couldn't get a direct flight, so I convinced him to go home by way of Los Angeles) to his home in Kansas after our having spent the weekend at my house. (I hope that isn't too confusing. For simplicity, I left out the fact that HH had been in Los Angeles, on business, and I had talked him into spending the weekend with me rather than going directly home from Los Angeles in the first place! While working in LA, I only went home every 2nd or 3rd weekend--to recharge my mental batteries.)

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