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December 11, 2008


Why on earth do some drivers act so stupidly! I can remember crawling down a motorway at about 15 miles an hour in thick, thick fog, so thick you could hardly see beyond the windscreen and some drivers were belting along at very fast speeds when they couldn't have seen at all. All right if they want to kill themselves but they kill others as well.

I agree that in weather like you describe the best place to be is indoors. Today after a heavy frost everything is white and shows no sign of thawing. It looks pretty but it's going the be so slippery under foot, really treacherous.

I don't know, Adele, what makes us behave as we do at times. Usually, around here, people drive with a modicum of sanity in foul weather.

During my bicycling, it turned out that neither the streets nor the bike path was as clear as I had surmised. Patches of 50 - 100 feet of frozen slush were frequently encountered. I nearly put the bike down, at one point; but, having two good legs, I was able to stop our fall and walk the bike out of that patch.

Take care in your treacherous conditions!

In the days when I lived with snow and slush and ice I was super-cautious. Aren't people aware of everyday dangers any more?
Oh, and do people get snow tires? Maybe they can't afford them.

Hattie--In our neck of the woods, I think it is safer not to have snow tires, unless one uses them only on the days when we have deep snow. We don't get enough snow for snow tires to be useful, and the drawbacks are that they are not helpful on ice (which was the problem with this particular storm--and most of our winter storms) and that snow tires tend to overheat at highway speeds causing premature tire failures. Chains might have been somewhat effective; but, no one seems to use them, anymore (I, at least, have owned chains but have never put them on my tires!)

If I had to guess, I would guess that we have become so lulled by the little safety machines that vehicles have become that we tend to feel like teenagers--indestructible.

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