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December 05, 2008


Shows class and style isn't dead everywhere.

Mr. kenju should have done the same after our last trip to our favorite Mexican place. He used an expletive a bit to loudly, and the people (and their young kids) in the booth next to our table winced and stared at him. They couldn't know he'd had a stroke - and that is one of the possible side effects - and I was terribly embarrassed.

Kay--I surely agree with you.

Judy--How uncomfortable you must have been, there being no obvious way for you to let them know of Mr K's unfortunate experience. Surely, we should try to give a person the benefit of the doubt before we "brand" them on their behavior. That's a lesson that many of us need to take to heart. It's harder when one cannot apologize, or doesn't know if an apology was deemed sincere by the receiver. I hope that you can put the little incident behind you. Surely the other diners are good-willed enough that they would wish you ease. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

I don't swear, constantly, but I do swear. When I was still working, I offended a co-worker by using a term that he found sacriligious. I had no "excuse", and I apologized. Inasmuch as I saw the co-worker nearly daily, I knew that he accepted my apology. (Of course, as an atheist, the term had no such connotation, to me; but, I really try to honor other people's religious feelings.)

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