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December 13, 2008


This is all very scary. I pray for those folks that are freezing right now. I'd be burning the furniture.

It's a big concern. If we had begun dealing with in the '70s where we had to wait in line to buy gasoline, we might've had a chance but oh no, we don't have to and so we didn't. Even things like population growth have been talked about for years but who paid attention? The very ones who were taking care of their own lives. Some countries still only value big families. It's very scary where it's heading.

Janeywan--The cold weather seems to be quite wide-spread. Bogie (link in left sidebar), in NH, has posted that she and her Wonderful Spouse are doing fine without electricity. They have a wood stove and LPG, so the only problems they have are the exercise they get carrying wood and switching coolers of food about to keep it cold, but not freezing, and not being able to use the washing machine.

I hurriedly went out for a bike ride, Sunday morning, despite the 30 mph wind because the temperature was at 54 degrees. I was out for 35-40 minutes. Another 30 minutes later, the temperature had started to drop. An hour after my return, the temperature was down to 21 degrees and continuing its drop. It didn't take long to get down to 7 degrees. I'm pretty sure that it didn't get up to 20 degrees, yesterday; but, believe we are to be above freezing at some point, today (11 degrees, now). Fortunately, the ground is cold enough that the snow we got last night did not melt, so there is no layer of ice underneath it.

I tried to post, Sunday; but, as Naomi Dagen Bloom said in a comment on Ronni's blog, TypePad was Wonky, so I gave up.

Rain--Isn't it amazing how no one talks about the 800-pound gorilla in the room, the high esteem in which people seem to hold fecundity? Hunters use deer over-population as an excuse for reducing their numbers with bullets, saying that it is better than having the deer die from disease or hunger; but, no one dares whisper about human over-population. Or...maybe that is what our national government has in mind when it starts or enters into wars. Surely the wars are adding to the pollution and energy consumption problems that plague us.

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