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December 21, 2008


I love sunflowers. They are such happy flowers -- they always make me smile. Every August I head down toward Amish country and there's a farmer who has huge fields of them! They are sooooooo marvelous. I pull over to the side of the road and bask in their glory grinning like a fool! I hope that next year I remember my camera so I can take a couple photos. It is what my dad would have called "a sight for sore eyes!" All I know that they're a mood broghtener for me!

That is awesome, you really have a green thumb. I'd have fun with my camera with one of those in the snow.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

I would never have thought of growing a sunflower inside, but you sure have the green thumb! It's a beauty!

Kay, you need to see that field of sunflowers at different times during the day. The faces of the flowers shift so that they always face the sun. It's quite a sight!

Happy Holidays, Cop Car!

Kay--You are not alone in your appreciation of sunflowers. Thoroughly Modern Millie has a penchant for them.

Janet and Buffy--"Green Thumb" is a bit of an exaggeration. All I did was refrain from pulling the "foreign" plants. I was reminded of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree in looking at the poor little, stunted sunflower. Had the plant grown outside, I've no doubt that the sunflower would have looked more like the Sunflower for Millie that I posted in July. Which reminds me: I should get the seedhead from July out as a Christmas present to the birds!

You'll start a new fad; instead of Christmas Amaryllas, everyone will start growing Sunflowers :()

Bogie--I like the idea! Don't be sad about it. You can be different by growing Amaryllas. Reminds me...it's about time to get the bulbs out and potted! The Christmas Amaryllis that you sent your dad in 2006 (?) is especially nice because it exudes love!

I think saving seed heads of sunflowers is a great way to enjoy your garden through the winter. I don't have much luck growing sunflowers, but I'm willing to buy the seed heads at the farmer's market in the fall.

Elegante Mother has really enjoyed watching the cardinals at our feeder. We started out with four mating pairs in September, and I counted a dozen male cardinals yesterday before the worst of the bad weather hit.

I love sunflowers, but I haven't thought of growing them here. It may be a little damp and warm for them. I'm amazed you could grow one indoors.

Buffy--I've added a photo (above) of the birds' Christmas Sunflower Seed Head. It is atop a three-armed flower-basket-or-bird-feeder support, nestled among the upward curves of the three arms.

I do recall that your EM loves her cardinals. She is rather like a cardinal, herself, given to wearing red hats, perky, and elegant like the male of the cardinal species.

Hattie--Sunflowers love heat; however, you are probably right about the damp. Too, the seeds would probably need to be held in your freezer for a few weeks (most years, anyway) in order to encourage them to germinate when planted. Mildew of the seed head would be the largest problem--one that I know not how to solve!

Now that IS a wonderful Holiday Plant. And the birds say the same thing

Happy New Year

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