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December 06, 2008


Poor bunnies! And nice you for rescuing them!

Snowing like you-know-what here. I just checked out the weather and decided I'm not going to the symphony tonight. I am disappointed but I don't feel well enough to get dressed up and risk getting stuck.

Kay--Better you should be at home, wishing you were at the symphony, than that you should be somewhere away from home, wishing you were at home. We get smarter as we get older, don't we?

Had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this, in fact it's still there. Now I'm off to click on your links.

What a cute story, except that last part. Yeah, sure, it was sunny here for long enough to get the temp from 14 to about 30. Then it clouded over and we got snow.

Lovely story CopCar. And so much better to be chasing bunnies your puss brings in rather than chasing mice Nimrod the Mighty Hunter has let go indoors (grin).

I envy you your weather. Winter came early to the UK. we've had winter weather for the past month and it's cold, damp and often freezing.

Adele--Winter arrived, early this morning. From 65 degrees Farenheit, yesterday, within 18 hours the temperature fell to 24 degrees. We've been having high, gusty, swirly winds (mostly from the East but shifting about a lot) with freezing rain and snow. Our driveway and street are bumpy sheets of ice. With Hunky Husband in Texas, I've only ventured outside to fetch the newpaper, the mail, to put the trash cart out and gather it in, and to put feed out for the birds and critters (and plug in a second heated watering pan for the birds). Fortunately, I have enough milk on hand to sustain me in making snow ice cream for a day or two.

Perhaps our weather thinks that it must keep up with yours!

Quite possible. Staying indoors in the warm sounds a very good idea.

I don't mind the cold; but, it's an adventure, on ice, just gathering in the newspaper and mail. I didn't need to be adding to the traffic nightmares. (I find it aggravating the number of drivers who think that they just must be out and about in such conditions--when there is no sane reason for their contributing to the mess.) The Wichita Police Dept declared emergency conditions because of the number of vehicle wrecks that were occurring. (In emergency conditions, drivers involved in a minor wreck--vehicles are drivable and no one is injured--may just exchange names and insurance info, waiting for a day or two to report the incident to the police. In normal conditions, the drivers must await the arrival of a police officer before they may leave the scene.)

By now, the major streets are clear, and our own street has only patchy ice; but, our driveway has an inch of ice on it. I've quit trying to chop away ice, anymore. A broken hip from falling on the ice, I don't need.

BTW: Interesting on your "...Post Code Lottery".

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