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December 26, 2008


hmmmmmmmmm . . . I think I need to wander over and see him. Thanks!!!

It is a problem but my feelings are we need to separate pleasure driving from necessary when there is talk of quotas. You could say people like me who have farms and raise cattle and sheep don't have to live out here and neither do our customers who buy the grassfed beef need to buy it but what about those who already have the property and the animals? I have 25 miles to get to a job or groceries and although trips to town for pleasure have decreased a lot, a 10 gallon per week would be destructive to this area in an unfair way. Then comes the problem of those who work in a ritzy area as service people but can't remotely afford to live there. They are also stuck with long commutes. I think there are solutions but they will probably involve new vehicles, new fuels that are not hydrocarbon based. There has been very little development on this. I would suggest a gasoline tax that keeps the price at a certain, reasonable price and use the tax for research and development, but can you hear the complaining now about that? People are in joy over the lower gas prices but without realizing this is what happened before to keep us addicted to oil. It will take a very powerful leader to try and wean people off it

Rain--When it comes to causes for the energy crunch, 98% of us in the USA should raise our hands as being contributors. (BTW: I don't think that anyone has ever equated farming with city living when it comes to energy requirements.) The 98% (I made the number up) of us have contributed by living frivolously. Much of the rest of the world would have to raise hands, too, for overpopulating the earth. My personal opinion is that we tend to discuss/treat issues that are not basic. For example, we look at getting 40 miles/gallon while pretty much ignoring minimization of the use of individual vehicles. At any rate, you are surely on the mark about lower gas prices' enabling our addictions. We humans (and animals) seem to react more rapidly to pain than to the proferring of future rewards.

It will be hard to find fair ways to do this but we got a heads up in the 70s and we ignored it. I hope we are not so foolish as to do that again. We do need to make changes and there are things that could be done but haven't been profitable as continuing as we were. It's a worthy topic to consider.

I followed this with interest, but am out of time to respond. I'll have to make it a point to return tomorrow or this weekend.

Dear Husband and I wish you and HH a happy and healthy new year!

We have made the switch to solar power and are paying $.00 per year for electricity as well as getting a rebate. It's a system that is on the grid and is virtually maintenance free. Our payback on the solar hot water panels is three years and the payback on the solar electric panels is seven years. Our rates are high here in Hawaii and we get plenty of sun. None of our neighbors have followed our example, however, because they would rather spend their money on cars and trucks. We are driving our beat up old Volvo into the ground. When we replace it, we hope good electric cars that plug into the household current will be available, and then we will add another set of panels to cover the extra needed electricity.

We ignore the problem at our peril. There are many ways to cut down on driving (sharing rides for example) but that will only postpone the inevitable. We must develop alternate sources of energy NOW.

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