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November 04, 2008


You certainly do vote the man and not the party. I am more apt to do that in local elections, but in a National election I vote for the party all the way. I don't want to hamstring the president's agenda with a contrary Congress and Senate.

I'm with you. My ballot is a mishmash of various parties. I vote my conscience not by party although this year, with Ohio being a swing state, Jiminy Cricket told me I had to go Obama because I simply CANNOT risk John McCain so I did my part to help. Obama got my vote but it wasn't do much for him as it was against McCain. I hate having to do that.

Darlene--*smiling*--Well, I vote the person, not the party.

Kay--The only way one can vote for a person, totally without compromise, is to be the candidate, oneself. I've done that a few times and it was rewarding--especially when I lost. I got to vote my conscience, but wasn't stuck with doing the work. Believe me, when I won, it was much, much harder to do a good job in the elective office than it was to run. Running is fun!

As Obama says, now the work begins.

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