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November 18, 2008



Did those high winds head east and bring the snow that was covering my lil' red car and my sidewalks this morning? LOL

It is really gorgeous!

Kay--The winds must have. Sorry about that!

All--It was really thoughtful of our neighbors to see that I had a tree to look at. I'm nearly certain that the tree was there when we started building this house (Spring 1999). Since we centered our house on what is platted as two lots, I get to look at the tree rather than someone's front door!

I'm considering planting a Washington hawthorn. We had one at our last house and it was gorgeous in the fall, and had berries for the birds. Just have to figure out where (without HH beating me for planting another tree! Well...that'll be the day. HH can be very forceful, verbally; but, he isn't one who even considers physical force!)

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