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November 28, 2008


I'm glad you had a nice celebration.

We had a nice family dinner at our son's home. They fixed the traditional turkey but with a wild rice dressing as daughter in law has discovered she is allergic to gluten. She had a delicious brussels sprouts chopped up with lemon vegetable and all the trimmings. I brought dessert and made a pumpkin custard that came out great for her which had no wheat but which I couldn't eat because I am allergic to dairy but I had a piece of the apple pie which I made with spelt to try that out but still not okay for her with her wheat allergy. No television, no arguing (except from the little ones) but we did have some good red wine :) Well the adults, the small ones had to settle for juice and breast milk-- the one-year old is still nursing.

We had the traditional meal, and I'm happy to say that there was NO TV this year! Instead it was all about babies and children, and Elegante Mother. We had four babies born into our family this year, so there were plenty of babies to be held. I really enjoyed getting to talk with all of our guests.

I'm sure your meal with Dudette and her family was wonderful, right down to the last snack cracker!

Kay--Thanks...and thanks for stopping by!

Rain--Allergies can really rain (no pun intended) on one's feasting. WGD has a few allergies (rice, peas...), but nothing to get in the way of Dudette's traditional spread.

Buffy--Glad that you and your clan had a great get-together. Our meal was, indeed, wonderful; but, as to the snack crackers, I'm not sure that more than two or three of them were eaten. We really gravitate more toward the fresh veggies before the meal...and once we get up from the table, we are done! The little dishes of snack crackers were still full when returned to the kitchen for disposal and dish washing.

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving CC....and it doesn't matter how you spend it or what you eat. I don't think there has to be a traditional feast, and a lot of people celebrate in many different ways; which I think is very cool. My family has always been kind of traditional, but who knows...that may change down the line too. Although I think my son might have a tantrum if that happened. All I know is....after a nice dinner, putting up all my Xmas decorations (Yeah, I know...but my kids got me started), and cleaning up, I was washed out by the end of the day....just like every Thanksgiving.

Good grief, Joy! Thanksgiving is not for putting up Xmas (or any other kind of) decorations. Boot your kids in the behind! Put your feet up and take a rest, next year. *laughing*

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