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November 13, 2008


Oh how beautiful CC...those colors are just too gorgeous. Is this right outside your back door? What a way to wake up! I could look at that forever....thanks.

Joy--Yes, I stood on the back porch to take the shots. The one on the left is looking northeastward (obviously--with the yellow sun coming up in the east!) while the one on the right (of a cottonwood tree) is to the south. I use a shot that I took in December, 2006, as my desktop, these days. It is in the Year 2006 photo album at link in the left hand sidebar, or at, http://jelliclecat.typepad.com/photos/year_2006/sunrise_off_the_back_porch_dec_2006.html. You can see that the earlier shot is to the east. Sunrises are too Quixotic to enjoy them very long (as are sunsets!) I'm glad that you enjoyed the photos.

P.S. I had started to label the photos, but my computer locked up when I tried to do that. Too, I regret that I must degrade the photos that I post, to keep up-loading times half-way reasonable on dial-up service. As is, the two photos took over 20 minutes to upload.

Those are beautiful shots. That is one thing we miss in NH, the abundance of nice sunrises/sunsets.

Gorgeous!! But I can't help but say.....Red clouds in the morning - sailor's warning.


I think that the red sunrises surpass sunsets. One morning I started for a walk and the whole sky was pink. Unfortunately, I didn't have a digital camera then and no film for my point and shoot. I have not seen it that colorful since then. (Probably because I am sitting at my computer that time of day instead of walking. ;).

Kenju & Kay--Mama Nature does a great job!

Darlene--I know what you mean. I wanted to get a shot of the beautiful ornamental pear, across the street, as the sun rose; but, my camera said "no juice". (After re-charging the camera battery, I will take a photo.) Luckily for me, it's the one tree that I can see while sitting at my computer.

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