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November 20, 2008


Now that's a really pretty fridge magnet! The few I have are things like the police dept. phone # or somesuch. Booooooring!!!!!!!

I am sooo not your daughter; our fridge is covered with magnets on 3 sides!

Kay--Our "important phone numbers" are posted on the wall behind the phone (there is cork on the wall between the desk and the upper cabinets). Besides, the only emergency number that we really need to know is 9-1-1. When I saw the above-pictured magnet, my first thought was, to paraphrase Bogie, "That is sooo not me!" However, as a birder, I appreciate the wren; and as a structures engineer, I appreciate the details showing the rivets that attach the handle and the strap that supports the spout. See how easy I am?

Bogie--When you get left on someone's doorstep, as a baby, you shouldn't be so hard on the poor old woman who spent the best years of her life raising you. (Now, now...let's not bring up reality!) You take after your Aunt B, may she rest in peace.

Found at the doorstep? I alwasy thought I turned up in the turnip patch.

Now that is a beauty....definitely worthy of the "place of honor" on your refrigerator CC. I love it. I love that it's ceramic...and I love the birds. It's just the kind I would get...plus it has a clip....adorable.

Thanks for the linky-love post CC...that was so nice of you. I wish you didn't have such a problem commenting on my blog. I don't think anyone else does.....but, I could be wrong. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.... Much love, Joy

Bogie--Nope. Dudette was switched at the hospital and you were found at our doorstep. Please don't take it too hard that you didn't come by your love of gardening via the turnip patch. HH and I have always loved you, anyway! ; )

Joy--The posting-link was my pleasure. You are probably correct that I suffer alone. Perhaps when I replace this computer, the issue will resolve itself. In the meantime, you know that I'm reading you!

That is a sweet magnet. My fridge at home in Hawaii is rusty, and the one at our condo in Seattle has a non-magnetic surface, so for the time being I'm out of the refrigerator magnet game.

Hattie--I guess you'll just have to tack stuff onto your refrigerator with the silicon glop. Rust is one problem that I don't believe I've seen since the days of the icebox. A rusty refrigerator is new to me; but, Hawaii isn't exactly like the continental 48, is it?
BTW: We lived in Bellevue (6216 129th Pl SE - Newport Hills) for about 14 months in the mid 1960s. We were there during an extended period of cloudiness--think we saw Rainier from our house, perhaps, five times. Beautiful country, but depressing climate!

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