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November 07, 2008


What you're saying here is all very true and it will be Obama's biggest challenge. I wrote on my blog that we all have to come together to get this nation going again.

As long as the Republican party keeps its nasty diatribe going, it won't happen. The threats from the talking heads are encouraging hate and divisiveness.

Another friend -- a Democrat -- said that she was glad Obama was elected because she felt that a civil war was brewing either between races or the haves and havenots and that Obama has the mind to bring about peace within this country. She may have a point.

Kay--Thank you for your input. Yes, I read your welcome posting.

In my view, we must recognize that the Republican cohort has not a monopoly on nastiness or diatribe. This has, sadly, been especially apparent in my reading of blogs in the last few weeks. For weeks at a time I have withheld comment from blog postings that I found too awful to acknowledge. (You may have read where I apologized for my own uncalled for nastiness in a posting concerning the financial liquidity "crisis".) In addition, in the last couple of days, I have found the "victory dancing" to be overdone to an inappropriate and distasteful degree.

We, whether Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Communist, Independent, or other must acknowledge our own contributions toward divisiveness and must put forth the effort to cure our own nastiness before we can expect "others" to do the same. Elsewise, we shall surely fail in our mission.

[Cop Car]....your words are wise....and so are you dear lady.

I agree and I said more or less the same on my blog. If we don't come together, this country is doomed.

Thanks, Joy, you are most kind.

Kay & Joy--Our assignment for the day: Go out and hug a our political opposites (whatever the opposites may be)! *grinning*

It was interesting to hear an interview of an Iraqi, Saturday. He said that he and his friends were not only impressed that Barack Obama had been elected president; but, even more so, that John McCain had so quickly and gracefully made his concession speech. They were impressed by McCain's words of support of the Pres-elect. During that same radio piece, someone brought up a quote from Confucius: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." How well I feel the quote applies to Sen McCain!

Likewise, I was impressed to hear that Obama was meeting with McCain. Way to go!

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