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October 31, 2008


We are hyper-aware of earthquake dangers here on the Big Island of Hawaii. In Oct. of 2006 we had a couple of 6.0+ quakes followed by several aftershocks. I was off-island at the time but experienced a 5.2 aftershock a couple of weeks later.
A funny story: On the day of the first quake we were in Paris, and the phone rang at 2:00 a.m. local time. A friend from Washingon D.C. had called my husband's cell phone to ask if we were all right. So we turned on CNN to find out what had happened.
We returned to find widespread damage to rock walls, roads, and bridges. Our own rock wall at our house got jumbled in a few places and needed to be repaired. But the house was fine, being of wood construction and bolted to its foundation.
I have a friend who lives in Missouri. I think where she is the ground would give way in a huge earthquake. And there is so much construction in that part of the world that is not earthquake proofed at all.

Hattie--While I was gathering links for this posting, I clicked on Hawaii and saw the amount of activity that had been recorded during the last couple of years. Between the lava flows, earthquakes, and possible tsunamis, the islands have their share of "what ifs"!

And don't forget hurricanes. Kauai has been whacked twice since the early eighties. The mountains seem to protect us here.

Hattie--Good catch! If I recall correctly, you had a hurricane headed your way several weeks ago. I don't recall that it hit or missed; but, it obviously wasn't a big thing for you, or I would have remembered!

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