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October 23, 2008


With my three children living in California - all in a quake zone area - the 'BIG ONE' is frightening for me to think about.

Darlene--Megabucks have been, are being, will continue to be spent in preparation for the big one, as well as a lot of thought and human effort's being put into it. My own mother worried about me when I lived in Florida (hurricanes), California (earthquakes), and Kansas (tornadoes). The only state in which I lived that she didn't worry was Washington, and it was too far away to suit her. It's awfully hard to please us mothers, isn't it?

As far as mothers are concerned tell me about it. I would say that at times the television talks of a future cataclysmic earthquake in California as definitely going to happen, not even as a possibility. i sincerely hope not, for the sakes of everyone living in that area.

I have one daughter living in CA. I try not to think about these things. She's felt tremors and stuff. I try to laugh it off...but I'm not really laughing. Her husband has spent his whole life there, but I don't think he'd object to moving for the right opportunities. I would dearly love for them to live back here in ChiTown...but I'll never pressure them. I just have to have faith that while they're still there...they will be safe. However.....when I hear reports of these things I do get on the phone and say...." Uh, Hello, excuse me, but....."

Joy--Not to puncture your bubble; but, the next time the New Madrid fault lets loose, you may be affected. [I participated in Missouri's exercise in February 2007, for the Red Cross. They (the Missourians) want to be prepared! We, in Kansas, may be somewhat affected--mostly by evacuees, I'm guessing.]

P.S. I failed to mention the effect that a major New Madrid earthquake might have on communications across the USA. My Red Cross "boss" for such things alerted me that, should communications go down for such an event, I should not wait to get started on doing my "job". In general, the Red Cross frowns, deeply, upon a person's deploying herself. We are supposed to await assignment through the proper channels.

Don't think I haven't thought about the New Madrid Fault CC. Some years back when my daughter Julie was attending Washington University in St. Louis, MO there was a real scare that something was going to happen and I was 'just a little nervous' (okay a lot nervous) about it all. Nothing ever did happen at the time, but I'm well aware that it's a possibility too. Cripes!

Good Lord! We've had some level 4 or 5 earthquakes in NE Ohio of all places. Who knows if or when we'll get a really big one. I'm a fatalist sort -- I'm not going to worry too much.

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