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July 13, 2008


Since it's such a survivor, save the seeds and plant them next year.

Hattie--Good idea, but the birds will beat me to it. I'm sure that the seed for this plant came from bird seed that we fed during the winter. When the snow/ice is deep, I put a lot of feed out on the patio for the juncos and finches. Regularly, sunflowers (and Milo, etc) sprout along the edges of the patio. Normally, they are not allowed to thrive. This one turned out so well that I may have to re-think that policy! Good to hear from you!

It's a beauty! I have one little tiny one growing up next to the bird feeder that I've left alone. DH commented that we have corn growing there, too.

It is a beautiful sunflower. I envy you.

We can see few of these around this year because until last week we have had constant driving rain for weeks and anything that grows tall and on one stalk like a sunflower just ends up bent over. Still it's good that you can see what one should look like on the internet.

Adele--You brought out the important point that our sunflower is not far from our southwestern-facing garage wall, and well away from the corner, so that it is somewhat protected from most of the winds that we have had. In addition, this type of sunflower has a really thick stalk that is strong enough to take more abuse than other types of sunflower can do.

Well, it's lovely. I just wish there was a hardy perennial sunflower. That would be a great idea.

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