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July 13, 2008


I've never grown crape myrtle. It has a lovely bloom. I'll have to surf to see if it will grow here as a perennial.

Buffy--Mom used to have trouble growing it in KCMo. It lived, but it didn't thrive or bloom until the last few years (early 1990s) that she was there.

Lovely. Are the poppies the sort that grow year after year? We've got some like that in our garden and they are lovely. It is so good to be able to rely on them coming back like a good penny each year.

Adele--Hmmm...I would have to look it up. If the root doesn't survive, they do self seed; so, under favorable conditions one only plants them once.

I have to admit that I can never remember the name of the type of poppy that self- seeds and which one that just comes back every year. Doesn't matter really. They are both very pretty.

Adele--In climates less balmy than California's, the California poppy is an annual. In fact, there are hybrids (which I had not thought about) that will NOT reseed. I found a wonderful write-up with copious photos at: http://www.hort.wisc.edu/mastergardener/Features/flowers/CA%20poppy/CA%20poppy.htm

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