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May 24, 2008


Well Hello there Cutie....

He (or she) looks like he wants in out of the rain!

A handsome creature. We too often see a toad in our garden while we are out working. However he is always to be found lurking in the undergrowth. I am never sure if that is because we usually have a hot garden when it's sunny (ha, now it's pouring) or because the cats are just too fascinated with him/her.

Bogie--Actually s/he looked like a sleeping toad, until I got close enough to take the photos.

Adele--Not sure that "handsome" is an adjective applicable to Cutie; but, I guess it's in the eyes of the beholder. Interesting about your toad lurking in the undergrowth.

Great shots of the dashing fellow. lol Aren't all frogs males, just kidding.

One thing I forgot to mention is all the good toads can do in the garden. Think of all the slugs they can eat.

Janet--Actually, I think of Cutie as being male because s/he looks like that character in Star Wars (I forget which episode).

Adele--We are not normally wet enough for slugs to be an issue, here in this part of Kansas. When I was growing up in Kansas City (Missouri), just 180 miles ENE of here, they were a huge problem. Anyway, Cutie started out as a little bitty critter and, as critters do, has grown up. I don't know whether s/he cannot get out of the window well (it is 4 or 5 feet deep and I've always felt that it wasn't an issue for a toad!) or just likes us.

You've been adopted by an amphibian!

Bogie--It could be worse, huh?

Looks a little grumpy. Got any fat termites for him?

Hattie--Undoubtedly there are many termites on our lot; but, I'm hoping that they are back in the woods with rotting logs rather than in the wood of our house!

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