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May 28, 2008


You guys have too much rain and we can't buy rain. We had 1/4" aobut 10 days ago and I think that is it for the last month. Ok, that isn't exactly true. I've seen plenty of rain at work (Tuesday) and run into several showers on my way home over the last two weeks - but here at the house we haven't seen a drop.

Bogie--It's too bad that we can't get the timing and distribution of precipitation that we want. I know that you have had too much rain at times--and you surely had your share of snow this last season. Good luck! We are just thankful that the tornadoes (all 70-80 of them) have not threatened our town.

BTW: Derby has just implemented a requirement that a lawn/planting irrigation system be equipped with a rain sensor. As sopping wet as it is, here, I walked by two lawns (side-by-side) spraying away at their mud while on my walk this morning. It is owners like those who have made the law a good idea. Our system gets turned off--sometimes meaning that I arise at 3:01 AM to do the deed. I always know when the system turns on (at 3:00 AM--the nozzles for Station 1 are just outside my bedroom window), and can turn the system off if we have had/are getting/are expecting rain. Remembering to turn it back on is Hunky Husband's job!

I also live on a creek and have had the creek become a river and lead to filling sandbags-- that is no fun. So far it has only come up to the edge of the barn and the driveway. As you said, the photos aren't pretty. In ours they are totally mud swollen due to logged hills. That will change as the replanted trees grow bigger and hold more of the soil. I don't object to logging when it's done responsibly. That is what this area is all about-- logging and farming. It does impact the stream though when heavy rains come.

Rain--I can imagine what goes on in your neck of the woods as, for a short while, we lived in Bellevue WA. In 2002, I gave away the sand bags that I had purchased following the flood in which I carried the girls away from our home in 1969--unused. Sandbagging is a lot of work!

In the final two days of the month, we have received another 1.73" of rain (sorry, Bogie!) We've still a few hours to go and have been under severe T-storm warnings all morning. It hailed earlier this morning, while I was still abed.

Our AVERAGE rainfall is 120" a year in Hilo, Hawaii, the only town in the U.S. that is in a rainforest. I love the sound of the rain on my metal roof.

Hattie--Wow! We averaged 70+ inches per year in Florida (Panama City), but that is lame compared to yours! There is a special quality to the sound of rain on a metal roof, you bet! It's been a while since I've heard it. Hilo must be beautiful to see, and to hear. Thank you for dropping by.

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