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May 24, 2008


I experienced the same thing with my TypePad account when I went to post something CC....a whole new system for posting. I like it better too...I think. But it kind of caught me off guard for a while. I think I get it now. I might try what you suggested....thanks.

I have no doubt that my blog is one that takes a couple of minutes for you to download. I do try to minimize the pics on the "front" page and to reduce their size. I only reduce to "email" size because reducing to "blog" size makes them so small in the pop-up that I can't see them very well. My blog hasn't been graced with the changes yet - of course it may not ever get them as it is a totally custom template that can't even use widgets.

As the whole subject of download time has never occurred to me I suspect that my blog is one that takes a while. Is mine one that takes 2.5 minutes?

Bogie--Since you didn't ask, I will tell you that your blog was definitely under 30 seconds without the cooky (about 5 seconds, with). Exact times, I don't recall; but, yours wasn't bad. (Besides, as a daughter, you would get special dispensation, if required. Anyone should/would check close family blogs more frequently than those of even their best-friends!)
Joy & Adele: I didn't happen to measure your times. I'll let you do that if you care to!

That makes me feel better - that at least I got under 30 seconds. I know what a pain it is to wait for things to load. With cable, I don't even have patience if a page doesn't load within 10-15 seconds (and that is really slow)!

That was interesting, a valuable tool. Since I sometimes use more photos, I am sure there are times mine would be slower than others. I try to keep it down and have only the basics alongside for that reason. I just did it and got which I guess means about 10 seconds? I make sure all my pictures are small and as often as I can i show them small within the blog also with the largest being medium. I use blogger. I wonder if it matters what your server is when you measure it?

Rain--Yes, I would interpret your blog download time to be just over 10 seconds. That is a very good time--particularly, if it was after deleting the cooky. Congratulations! Sorry, I don't understand the server question. Some servers are faster than others; but, do you have a server at home, or are you talking about the server at your blog provider or a routing server? Either way, I'm not sure that we want to be that concerned.

As to the size of posted photos: I'm struggling with TypePad's new system. I don't see the option that we previously had--to post a thumbnail with link to full size. Undoubtedly, the option is there if I found/recognized it. When I posted the toad photos as a smaller size and then clicked on them to enlarge, the photo was too large to fit on my monitor--by about a factor of 4--so, I posted the larger photos.

I was just wondering if that was showing the time with my dish and would be different if I was coming in off dial-up. I didn't spend long enough at the site to learn how they calculated it :) Maybe i should go back..

Rain--Oh! Thanks for the clarification. Yes, your times would be different between dial-up and dish.

Three things that I can control that affect the blog download speed: the computer I use, my connection mode (dial-up, DSL, cable, wireless...), and my internet service provider (ISP). If I use the same computer, connection mode, and ISP on each blog that I time with Stopwatch, I am measuring the efficiency of the blog configuration--set up by the author of each blog--as compared to the others. The routing used in the internet connection that is established each time I log on, will also affect times; but, I cannot control the routing and it is not normally a huge factor.

Bogie and other IT experts: Feel free to jump in here to correct misinformation and/or to add intelligence.

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