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April 12, 2008


Ahem. Cop Car, you might want to Google "Nike Logo." It's possible they might take umbrage with the word "Swish."

I swear, woman, you have no stop button! I don't know any retired person who takes on such intense "hobbies" as you do! You set a wonderful example. I just hope I can keep up!

Good luck with the newsletter. I'm sure the alums will love it!

I know your newsletter will be great CC....you just kill me with your busy schedule. You make me feel like a couch potato.

I have to say that I'd be feeling some confusion too with the messages from Dr. M regarding your cataract surgery. I had no idea there were 'better, and non-better' times to get this stuff done. When you're going through it and it seems to be progressing....isn't that the BEST time to get it done? I hope you can get it done at a time that is comfortable for you....and if that's sooner than later.....all the better.

BTW....fresh asparagus...I AM a little jealous. Enjoy sweet lady....

Buffy--From my perspective, you are the busy one. Of course, you are not a retiree, so I'll give you that one; but, I suspect that you will continue to be terribly active following retirement--maybe getting out to give those quilting presentations, across the country?

Joy--Thank you for your confidence in me. You are definitely not a couch potato--if one is to believe your postings! As to cataract surgery: there is always some possibility/probability that something may turn out awry. It is my theory that any elective surgery should be postponed until the pay-back outweighs the risks. (If I can put it off till after death, that is fine by me.) I did check with Dr M that the two years' addition to my age would not be a significant factor in the outcome of the surgery.

All--On the newsletter: I had to snicker to myself at an email from the head of the Physics Dept wherein he wrote that he thought I should include a small piece on the subject of my days as a student in the Physics Dept. What he doesn't understand is that he called on the least likely (but probably the only local beknownst to him) graduate of the department to write up such a piece. I transferred into the department as a senior--with Hunky Husband and Dudette at hand (and, as planned, but sooner than expected, became pregnant with Bogie within days of my enrollment.) My times on campus were restricted to times in classes. There is not a single student whose name I remember from my undergraduate days (spent mostly in psychology, speech, physical education, philosophy, sociology, English lit, business & banking--none of which had been required at my former school).

My days in graduate school produce remembrances of other students, at least; but, I transferred into engineering half-way to that degree. I'm not the one whose days on campus would entice prospective students to attend WSU--which is what the Prof had in mind. He wants to include the newletter in mailings to prospective students. (He was hired to resurrect the Physics Dept, which had declined to the point that it currently offers no graduate degree!)

How could I have forgotten to comment on your cataract situation! I don't know how you have managed to deal with the wait. I know the docs want the cataracts to be "ripe" when they harvest them, but what do you do about the change in your eyesight while you are waiting for them to be ready for surgery? As busy as you are, and with the amount of time you are traveling alone, I'd think keen eyesight would be a must!

I am astonished that they want to do the surgeries for both eyes at one time! Elegante Mother had hers removed more than 20 years ago, and although she was on the cutting edge (no pun intended) of technology at the time, they chose to do one at a time. I know that what you go through will be radically different. Still.....I'm a wimp. I don't know if I'd want them to do both at once. Probably by the time the doc says "Let's do it!" things will have changed again, and you'll be perfectly safe. I hope the wait isn't difficult!

Buffy--I did not take Dr M's "at the same time" to mean simultaneously, but that they wouldn't want more than a few days/weeks to elapse. The accuity of my eye sight hasn't changed much, in years--only the dimming. Yes, being able to drive in all conditions is a concern for my Red Cross work--it is a requirement for the positions to which I can be assigned. So far, I am able to do it. (And, BTW, I wanted to say, "Oh, puleeze! I've never had visual accuity." But, then, Bogie would remind me how much better off I am than she. *grin* I can only hope that technology comes up with a method of helping Bogie's vision, soon!)

P.S. to Buffy: Now, did I say anything about Nike? *chuckling* They can never prove that I even knew they existed, before your mention!

I don't understand the "wait until it's ripe" thing. Eyesight is difficult enough with floaters and such (I believe you said you had those). Dimming eyesight shouldn't have to be dealt with.

Of course, this comes from a person who has other problems that either can't be corrected, or aren't "bad enough" that doctors (or insurance) will consider doing drastic things to correct them.

I assume that cataracts affect the vision somewhat like my large floater does - at least my floater does give me a break, and float out to the edge of my vision every once in a while. Too, my right eye doesn't have an impediment (minor floaters only) so at least there is no obstruction there.

You and me make a great team in the never having visual accuity (or at least remembering such)!

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