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March 01, 2008


wow! i need a break now just reading about all you have to do! good luck with all that :-)

When I imported my blog form Bl*gger, it was very easy and took only a couple of minutes. I would have thought that you could do the same with the old blog. I am unsure why the old blog would be taken offline since you still have an account with typepad either.

In short - I am just plain confused!

Ahh, after further investigation, you no longer have an import/export option - that would explain at least part of it.

Thanks for the tip, Bogie. Unfortunately, because I chose to start a new blog, I no longer have access to the old blog--needed to format the files. Is there something I don't understand?

To elucidate: I started a new account, not just a new blog. I didn't trust Typepad not to charge to the Discover card that I didn't want used. It would have been a lot simpler were they willing to conduct business by phone; but, they aren't!

not very user friendly of them!

I didn't realize you started a brand new account. That explains why your old blog will dissappear and [that] you can't export from the old blog.

What an incredible life you lead! It amazes me what you can pack into your days. I only wish I was as organized as you are. I need to make backups of my blog entries, too; one more task I really need to get done before they disappear into the ether.

Sorry, Bod & Bogie, that I never did set the situation out properly. Not only was the credit card, itself, at issue; but, I was afraid that if I clicked on the "re-instate" button, I would be charged for the year that I did not blog as well as for the coming year of blogging that I meant to pay for.

Buffy--I am so well organized that I keep my appointments 2 days ahead of time! When I showed up for the lunch with old friends that I wrote about, above, no one was at home at Elegant Friend's house (I was to pick her and another friend up on my way to the lunch--so they might have a beer or two with their pizza) and the lights were not on in the meeting room that we had reserved. It suddenly dawned on me, then, that the lunch was for Monday, not Saturday. Boy did I get kidded about that. In my whole life I have missed inumerable appointments. For the life of me, I cannot keep times/dates straight--nor can I keep track of current time/date. Finals in college were a nightmare. My first semester, I missed two of them! In my last job, when I returned to The Little Airplane Company in 1990, I missed my appointment to chat with the Director of Engineering--just a week or so after reporting to the job!

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