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November 14, 2017


And what were chads called prior to those 131 years agO?

Gaelic for gravel is grinneal, so I don't get it????????????????????

"Chad n.". Dictionary of the Scots Language. 2004. Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd. Accessed 15 Nov 2017 <>

CHAD, Chadd, n. “Gravel, such small stones as form the bed of rivers” (n.Sc. 1808 Jam., chad; Mry.1 1925); “subsoil; earthy matter taken from stone quarries” (Abd.7 1925). Known to Bnff.2, Abd.2, Abd.9 1939.

Ags. 1743 Dundee Kirk Session Records (16 May):
He shall lay no Chadd or Channell upon the Ground.

Hence chaddy, gravelly.
Abd.(D) 1929 J. Alexander Mains and Hilly 10:
Ye got a coorse, chaddy rig, 'at defiet ye to mak' as gweed a job's me.

[Origin uncertain.]

Stu--Sometimes one is too knowledgeable. Some of us would not have equated "Scottish" language with "Scots Gaelic". As I recall, you actually speak Gaelic when so inclined. My understanding is that the official language of Scotland, these days, is English; but, Scots and Scots Gaelic are commonly used.

No, my mother tongue is actually Lallans, my Gaelic is very poor :-(

Who’da thunk It! Chad — all the way back to the Scots — also, that there could have been in a later generation a Mr. Chadless. Given that last names often indicated a person’s profession, what does Chadless indicate this man did — something to do with gravel ....... or did he get his name after his chadless invention? Life gets so complicated trying to unravel these vital-to-posterity historical tidbits of knowledge.

Off topic — just purchased Rich & Janos “Skunk Works” earlier publication and wondered if you read and what you might have thought of it.

I saw that the other day and took a screen shot just in case you missed it. Thought it was an extraordinary coincidence that you had recently had a discussion about hole punches.

Stu--I suspect that your "very poor" Gaelic is better than my British English at least.

Joared--Didn't read the book. Neither did Hunky Husband. At the time, we probably thought that someone as involved in the industry as were we, it would be like an astronaut reading "The Right Stuff". We would be hyper-critical. Now that a bunch of years have flown by, and now that I've forgotten everything I ever knew, I'll try to remember to pick up "Skunk Works" at our local library.

Bogie--If my blog were open to search engines, I would probably be getting a bit paranoid by now. *chuckling*

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