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November 12, 2017


I have 2 passports now, to avoid any problems with a hard Brexit, a Brit one and a German one. The German one lets me visit 152 countries without a visa, bettered only by a Singapore passport which covers 153.

There are so many different kinds (not just countries) of passports that may be issued that it makes my head swim. You should be well-set for your future travels. I don't understand the "152" and "153" numbers. I know that you are correct that the passports you listed cover more countries than does one from the USA; but, I had thought a USA passport was good for at least 160 countries, without visa. *shrugging*

Enjoy your travels, Stu. (You always seem to do.)

My numbers were outdated. See https://www.savory.de/blog_nov_17.htm#20171113 for an update.

Thanks for the update (with map), Stu. Anyone with interest should see your posting by clicking on the link within your comment - or - clicking on "Ole Phat Stu" (also a link) under your comment.

Great Britain is half the size of California and until recently we did not need a passport to visit Mexico and Canada. We could travel for days amd days and not need one so who cares what some haughty Brit thinks about us.

Ingineer--I rather care what people from around the world think of Americans, just as I care what someone in California thinks of people in Kansas. BBC's and my comments notwithstanding, I do believe that we all get along better when we have an understanding of one another's perspectives.

Do you think that California will split into two-to-six states at some point? And will Texas spawn from within itself four more states which right, I understand, was guaranteed in its annexation process?

This Californian is not in favor of dividing our state into two states, much less our seceding from the U.S. to form our own country given what I know now. I strongly believe in our nation’s Union and am dedicated to preserving it, but not with a dictatorial form of government resulting in the loss of our constitutional freedoms. In that eventuality, all bets are off.

I have a passport for two reasons - NH's driver's License does not contain the required info for airplane travel within the USA, and in case I find myself in Canada. I just got the passport a couple of years ago when it became required to have one to visit Canada (the last time I was on a plane NH had a waiver for its DL's so air travel was not a worry). I have no desire to cram myself in with a bunch of people to cross the ocean by either air or sea. Anything I may have an interest in seeing abroad is way to crowded for me anyway. In case it isn't apparent - I'm just not good with crowds (people actually, but crowds in particular).

I guess the tongue in cheek font didn’t not come through in my earlier comment. I agree that knowledge and understanding of other cultures enhances all of us.

I have been told for years that Texas will never split into 5 states as allowed by their compact for admission to the US because they would never agree on which State gets the Alamo. :-)

As for California, I would like to see it split along the Kern-Los Angeles border. It is mostly split there now and would be fairly easy to do. Unfortunately, most of the split the state crowd are a bunch of whack jobs that could not run a lemonaide stand. And there is no way the eastern power brokers would let California have 2 more Senators.

And we need an even number of stars to keep the flag balanced. Maybe make Puerto Rico a State and Upper California a State and that would solve that problem.

Ingineer--Sorry for not reading you better, friend. We need to come up with something to indicate a tongue-in-cheek attitude. *TIC* ? I similarly mistook Joared at her blog a few weeks ago. Maybe I need to go in for a tune-up.

No worries. That is the beauty of texting instead of verbal communication. The tone is in the reader not the speaker.


We got passports some years back and make sure to keep them up to date. Canada is a place we like to go and sometimes mexico but mostly I like seeing new things in the US or visiting the ones I've long loved. The passport is handy ID though

Long time no see, Rain. Yes, a passport serves (among other instances) as sufficient ID to obtain the new (in Kansas) driver's license that meets Federal requirements as ID.

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