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October 24, 2017


What happened to part 2 ?

Posted on 10/20/2017. Welcome back!

Okay; 'cept at this end they appear in the sequence 2,1,3 which confused me ;-)

I specifically put 1 and 2 in inverse order so that they would display with 2 below 1. Guess that was a bad idea.

Lots going on here, too, mostly yard work. We got the house tented a few days ago and had to vacate for 24 hours. Termites begone!! And we had 5 inches of rain last night, but that is nothing for us in this tropical rain forest. The temperature right now is 77 F and humidity is 91%.

I’m so jealous — you and Marianna getting all that rain! I convinced my husband a few years before he died that since we were getting older we might be wise to have the front door be wheelchair accessible. Actually I was anticipating that I would have that need with him all too soon and I recalled the challenges with my mother. Is satisfactory but may need some refining or more.

Love the railings to the front porch. They draw the eyes and offset the stonework nicely!

Glad you are finding help that are a joy and do a good job while they are at it.

Marianna--Yes, the amount of rain that falls in your neighborhood would put ours to shame. However, 2016, we received twice our normal amount (60+ vs 32+). We are currently at 67 degrees and 29% humidity. The past couple of nights have fallen into the mid-to-high 20s. Glad you got the termites under control.

Joared--If only we could share amongst us to even out our rainfall! None of our stairs is wheelchair friendly; but all of our doors, halls, and stairs were made wide enough to accommodate a standard wheelchair. Obviously, I hate steps that are not high enough. As long as we are all able to navigate stairs, I'll keep steps at 6" to 7" high.

Bogie--Glad you like the railings. They were added to keep me from falling on ice during the winter. Those steps face northwest and accumulate ice like nobody's business. Yes, it is always wonderful to find such work crews. In general, each crew that we've had as a result of our using Star Lumber Co has been good, regardless of whether the work was inside or outside.

Hello...I am passing through.... consider putting a predator cone guard on your bluebird box to keep raccoons and snakes from raiding the nesting box. We had to do that for our nesting box... Michelle

Added a predator guard about 10 days ago, thanks! Please feel free to ramble by, anytime. Any friend of Ronni's is a friend of mine. BTW: The nesting box and post are new; but, we've had bluebirds in our recently-removed box/post (with predator guard) since 2000 or 2001 (can't recall how long it took me to get them up after moving into house on 12/26/1999.) Had to move the post to get away from the (will be) large bushes that our neighbor set out last year - and - the box was well worn.

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