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January 08, 2014


I had a bit of challenge getting the above post right. Every time I tried to edit something, the two ad videos went away! Not being an HTML expert, I choose to let the posting stand as is while conveying the information that the ads and the site from which they came may be found at Energy Multiplier Module. BTW: I do note and apologize for the broken links to Physics and Physicists ; but, trust you'll forgive me for not letting the videos go away at least one more time by trying to fix it!

Something else to entertain you :-

Burn dat shit
is an anagram of
Absinth turd ;-)

Stu--It is cheating to misspell words to accommodate your anagrams! ; )

So you'd prefer the "Absinth truth" then?

Absolut-ly, Stu.

Always fun to learn about stuff here.

Ingineer--I see that it takes little to amuse you, too. Glad to hear it.

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