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January 18, 2014


Good, powerful vacuums! And are you and HH having hearing problems? Or just problems with the singers' accents? It helps me to know beforehand what they're saying/singing. I google the lyrics, which is a special treat: knowing what's going on. Intriguing title. I'd play the youtubes now, but it's only a little after 5:30 am, and I don't want to disturb the neighbors.

Wear all the black socks you want. My favorite pair of socks are striped in all different colors/patterns, and each sock is unique. Not too matchy-matchy. Got them from my grandson and his wife last Christmas.

Nice tune - I like it

ME--No, except for one notch in HH's hearing (probably from spending so much time flying in the lower deck of a B-52 when he was young), and my tinnitus, our hearing abilities are fine. In fact, I must wear earplugs at any musical event or in some restaurants because I am quite sensitive to higher frequencies. But, Nu-Way is a fast food place and it had a large lunch crowd - noisy! As to socks: I usually wear white socks around the house (much to my physician's dismay; but, finding shoes that fit is not an option) and with my walking shoes, and black socks with (black) shoes when I go out in public.

Bogie--I couldn't get it out of my mind until I finally found it on YouTube! It was patterned after "Ring Around the Rosie", which was all that I could come up with to search on until HH came up with "Sally Round the Rose". I don't recall having heard it back in the olden days; but, I've heard it several times in the past few years.

The Miele factory is just up the road from here (~30 miles).
On a clear day I can see it from the hills.

So, in the unlikely event you ever need a spare part that your local dealer can't get . . .

Stu--I'll keep that in mind. The dealership is small in square footage, but seemed well stocked in parts, knowledge, and capability. As it turns out, it is just two doors away from the Dairy Queen that, he told me, is still owned by my first cousin and his wife - whom I've not seen in about 20 years.
The last time I saw my cousin, he told me that he was planning to retire at age 50. He just turned 65 on the 9th. Obviously, since my mother died (he was a favorite of hers), we've not kept in touch. The only cousin who ever showed any interest in keeping in touch, who would have turned 65 on the 16th, died last year.

the model we have is hard to find spare parts (bags) for here in DC & surrounds. My favorite hardware store on 17th St NW (used to live next to it, though up two floors) is the only place you can get those bags without having to drive to MD or VA. Pain in the backside! BB&B (Bed, Bath, & Behind) two blocks away SAYS they have them, but they don't. You have to order them, and then go pick them up at the store. Plus, the bags are about $9 apiece! Dog hair fills them up fast.

@M.E, $9 IS excessive.
let me know the model number and I'll see what they cost here & if they'd be cheaper despite shipping.

ME--For what it's worth, we bought the Model S7580 (not the dog hair model) for which the "U" bags come four-to-the-box for $19. Two boxes came with the vacuum - which should last us a few years. OTOH, the HEPA filter is $50. They are available online with free shipping, at some places, if the order comes to $50 or more.

Catchy tune. I remember it. Terry got a very good quality Miele vacuum cleaner once that belonged to his cousin, fixed it up and gave it to a friend.

Hattie--Good for Terry. I'm sure that the friend has been getting good service from the machine.

here in Germany the bags cost 10 Euros for a pack of four.
By the time you've paid shipping and customs on them you may not be saving money by me buying them here for you :-(

Our local supermarket did not have bags for model S7580 in stock, CC :-(

Stu--It was so kind of you to look for the bags that our new machine uses. Thank you! As I said, however, having no pets or kids running around here, I think that we have enough bags on hand to last a few years! For our "old" machine, that we've used for 14 years, I think that I purchased replacement bags only once - and still have some left. That vacuum is now in the basement, to be used on the carpeting there. It is possible that the only reason our old vacuum was not on the listing of recommended machines was that the compiler did not check out older machines. ; )

I will definitely keep your kind offer in mind, though, should we ever have the misfortune of needing parts that seem outlandishly priced. Having never had to pay customs on anything, I've no clue how those charges run.

P.S. Thanks for letting me know that your passwords had not been compromised. It had not occurred to me as a possible problem between you and TypePad since no password is required to leave comments to my blog. You obviously understand the dangers more than I do. While on the subject: I am much more fearful of what the purveyors of malware, ID theft, and professional hackers may do to us than what your or my government may do. I reserve the right to change my mind on the issue, however.

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