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December 30, 2013



Why is it we forget the pictures? WD even had the camera at every visit!

ME--Thanks. I was particularly pleased that the bluebird photos turned out so well, only wishing that the female had stayed around long enough to be in some of the photos.

Dudette--Often I think that we humans spend so much time recording for later enjoyment that we fail to enjoy the moment. I, for one, was having so much enjoyment of the moments that I can't really think it would have been improved by photos. Next time!

Oh sure, program the bluebird NOT to show up until I wasn't there to enjoy the sight!

We all had our phones and I only managed to take a couple of pictures of the kids opening presents. Of course they came out horrible as I had turned the flash off and didn't remember to turn it back on.

Bogie--The male bluebird had shown up the day before your arrival; the female, the day before that. Sorry. I guess I'm a failure at having attempted to become my mother. She was always the one to assure that photos were taken at family gatherings. WichiDude usually takes care of that.

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