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January 11, 2013


I have noticed that the rolls get bigger, then smaller, then "new and impproved" bigger again (at a bigger price of course). I just went and looked at our package and it says we get 176 squares per roll - for a double roll. I won't measure, but will go with your assertion that the squares are smaller.

The PYA girl looks suspiciously like the Coppertone Girl of old that had a dog attached to her britches.

Bogie--There was such a mass of coding there that I kept getting errors. Hope this is about where you wished to end up. Love, Mom

Apparently your site hates me and won't let me put in the links correctly. I guess you'll have to fix it for me again.

Wish I knew why my blog does that to you. You are way better at the codes than I am! I hope that you can live with what I gave you. If not, please email me what you really want. CC

Bogie--Someone probably took artistic license. Wonder if Coppertone noticed?

Aaaargh! You piqued my scientific curiosity! So, being on a roll (sic!), I went and measured ours.
9.8 cms by 13 cms (about 3.9 inches by 5.1 inches) and 200 sheets recycled paper per triple ply roll. 3-4 sheets per wipe.
Recycled? Yes I refuse to sacrifice fresh trees just to wipe my posterior!

My prejudices being what they are, I had assumed that Walmart sheets would be considerably larger :evil grin: ;-)

The first sheets of toilet paper were made BC for the Chinese emperors and were HUGE by modern standards, like a serviette.
Meanwhile in western society (Jerusalem 33 AD) they were using vinegar soaked sponges. The vinegar killed bacteria and the sponges were reusable after washing; papyrus was too valuable to use for asswipes. This is what Christ was given on the cross, to drink from. Psychological torture, even back then!

When Ted Simon rode his Triumph motorcycle around the world in the sixties (DO read his trip report book!) he knew that non-european societies used their right hand to eat and their left hand to asswipe, "but I had always assumed they had toilet paper" ;-) Hilarious :-)

Stu--You really do buy rolls of ribbon, don't you?

I'll ignore your swipe at Walmart. I'm of two minds (no mind?) on them. [Disclosure: I have held a few shares for at least 25 years - sold 1/2 of them at least 15 years ago and bought an equal number of shares of Target.]

Oh, my. I had not known the implication of the vinegar soaked sponge given to Christ. Thanks for furthering my education - as you seem prone to doing.

We did not have TP WIWAK. We used pages from Montgomery Ward or Sears, Roebuck & Co catalogs. The first encounter with TP that I recall was in the outhouse of a neighbor. I recall my young friend's chiding me for not knowing how to fold the paper! (This would have been when she was 4 or 5 years of age and I a year younger. Norma Jean was the only girl within my wandering range who was close to my age.) Her family was one of the leading families in the area, her father being the community school superintendent. (The school included grades 1-10 in two rooms and an auditorium that was mostly used for community meetings.) BTW: Although serviettes (cloth napkins to us in the States) are of various sizes, the smallest is surely at least 6"x6"; so, from ancient times to my time, the square size had already shrunk considerably.

OK. The next time I'm at the local library, I'll look for Simon's book. *groaning*

Jupiter's Travels , ISBN-13: 978-0140054101, is the one you want.

I started buying the 1000 sheet rolls years ago because I felt I was always replacing rolls. Mine aren't as soft as some, but it's better than constantly replacing the rolls. But then I felt that even though I always buy the same brand, those rolls were growing smaller. The paper also feels thinner to me. It does irk a person as it's sneaky.

Are these people using this comment form to post their comments? while I have been dutifully sending all comments via email as requested?

what gives here?

I always buy 1000 sheet rolls of TP in 12 paks--12 rolls per pkg. I like the thin kind. Does a better job at what it's supposed to do.

And so on.....

Oh, wait....this is CC's blog, not Stu's. hmph.

ME--I can understand your confusion. Stu and I look enough alike to be twins. (Talk about alternate universes!)

llaw eht no rorrim rorrim ;-)

Stu--dnaw red na nielgeipS, nielgeipS (I am right-handed, so you are left-handed?)

Ambisinistrous? No, my chirality is RH.

Re education : did you also know that the Romans cleaned their teeth with twigs soaked in urine?
Can you imagine the smell of the chattering classes :-(

Probably more sterile than the toothbrushes that most of us use!

I'm done....

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