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November 29, 2012


And that would be why I only cook scrambled eggs in the nuker - 1 minute later there is no mess and the eggs are done (I use a small plastic food storage bowl and set a lid, slightly askew, on top of it just in case though).

Glad you figured out a short cut to save your back!

That must have upped your heartbeat a little! Are you in contention for the title of cookie baker for the family, or will that be going to your sister-in-law? Congrats on getting the jump on the holidays.

Bogie--I've always been lazy but getting even more so. Now...if I could figure out how to save my back while slipping skins off of almonds and de-tailing shrimp - without getting stuff all over!

Buffy--Hands down, SIL retains all cooking titles in our family (though Bogie & Dudette are no slouches!) SIL not only cooks 1,000,000 times as well as I do, but she is the only professional cook in our family. She got basic training and aptitude from her mother.

There is nothing domestic that I claim title to as all other women in the family top me in a variety of such skills. I am absolutely the best (and only) female physicist/aircraft structures engineer in the family.

BTW: Mushkatzoni cookies must be made ahead of time to allow them to "age" a couple of weeks, at least. Besides, a few of them go into the post for [spoiler alert!!!] Bogie & her WS and Elder Brother & Expert Seamstress.

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