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November 07, 2012


I was amazed at how much people didn't learn anything from Katrina. After 3 days, some people in NY were all lathered up that no one had rescued them and they were starving and had no water. I don't think that was the attitude of the majority of those in the storm's path, but still, they had plenty of warning so should have at least had some sort of preparation (and, those I saw on TV weren't in the poor neighborhoods either).

It is a nice change to read about someone (or a corporation) that took it upon themselves to be prepared.

Reminds me of our Y2K preparations; I could tell you tales of some of our customers ;-)

Bogie--Few people come up with their own checklists and "kits", as they are prompted to do by everyone at any level of emergency management; but, most responsible companies these days do, at least, have a COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan). I am pleased that the CoreSite folks were pretty well prepared and that they, further, are noting what they can do better in future.

Stu--The only Y2K problems that I had were due to preparations, rather than the event itself. The credit union, in running scenarios beforehand, managed to royally screw up the accounts of a very few of us (a handful, perhaps). In my case, all of my Certificates of Deposit were so screwed up that the credit union accepted my suggestion of letting me cash them all in without penalty to buy all new ones! Don't know how everyone else's problems were handled; but, was pleased that so few of us actually experienced problems.

Wonderful story!

Interesting that they have a 120-hour window, too. I admire their foresight and preparations, but might have suggested a longer period to plan on being unsupported. AQ

Hi, Hal--I take it that you are not on assignment? Why don't you run for office, yourself?

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