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June 22, 2012


How fortunate we are that I found Bogie's blog, and wondered who the heck "Cop Car" was! *G*

Do you know that I had totally forgotten blogging about wanting to do that specific pattern in those fabrics? What an amazing memory you have, CC. I'm glad you like this little quilt. It was my great pleasure to be able to send it to you, if only for the lovely conversation that resulted.

Now you've officially joined the ranks of my family who have received a small bit of my quilting, "Sis!" Hugsssssss!

That is a beautiful quilt and even nicer because it was sewn with love from a friend! I'll take all the credit for introducing you two, although I can't really remember whether Buffy found my blog, or I found hers and commented until she could ignore me no longer.

So...now I know the rest of the story. You are both aces in my book!

Funny: I also have a very good friend named Buffy (actually Elizabeth). She is an artist, and I have some of her work in my condo. I posted pix of her paintings a while ago.

Hattie--The great blue heron painting that Elizabeth gifted you with is gorgeous. She is another talented Buffy!

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