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May 05, 2012


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Guys would still end up using it to surf for [inappropriate word] ;-)

Nowadays they have to ride a BMW with a Corbin seat instead ;-)

I never joined Facebook...and don't really plan to. But I do have to say...this device sounds very interesting. ~Joy

Hmmmmmmm . . . I usually don't forget my phone but I have my moments!!!

I resent that there appears to be a plot to make me use Facebook.

ah, god....facebook under the skin??? it's already there and making me itch.

Joy, Kay, & ME--Ten years from now, instead of begging mom to let her get another piercing, a teenie bopper will be begging for a subdural FB (or whatever the future dominant social network) implant.

Just popping by to see what's new!!!

I'm still boycotting Facebook!! LOL

Kay--Let's hope that they get the message.

LOL Just popped by to wish you a joyous holiday!!!! I am alive -- and that's as good as it gets!!!

Kay--Thank you! I am soooo glad to hear from you. I knew that you needed a rest; but, I was beginning to be concerned. I hope that your holidays are to your liking! I want you to be more than "alive", please.

Just checking in -- been trying to do some visits & post a bit -- I miss y'all!!!!

Hi, Kay. Glad to see you getting around!

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